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So you want to own a Mercedes Benz or any premium vehicle but the cash flow isn’t quite flowing? Well we’d all love to drive a premium car but when we look at the costs of just financing the vehicle it can be cause for a mini heart attack. If you’re looking to own a Mercedes Benz but are a bit strapped for cash then you’ve probably been looking at a number of car finance options to get an understanding of the market and most importantly to get the best deal that will suite your budget and lifestyle. The search can be quite overwhelming but there is a great solution; why not rent a Mercedes Benz with the intention of owning it? Well now you can with MercX. Continue reading

V Rentals car finance for blacklisted

Having a car is great necessity if you live in South Africa. Unfortunately the public transport system is not so reliable and it can be extremely time consuming. The best thing is to make sure that you get yourself a car and it doesn’t have to be a fancy top of the notch edition. A simple entry level car can do the great job of taking you from A to B. You can get to work on time and in a great cheery mood. Skip the long queues, the stuffy taxis and busses, the noisy and cramped seats. You can do all this with affordable car insurance from V Rentals car finance for blacklisted. Continue reading

No Finance Cars

Buying a car in South Africa can be very expensive. Cars do not come cheap or easily and that can be a dead end for most people who wish to have a car of their very own. No Finance Cars saw this huge gap in the market and they came up with a brilliant plan to ensure that South Africans across the country can enjoy the benefits of having a car. A car is truly a problem solver and furthermore it can be the answer to a much more fulfilling mobile life. Skip the cramped seats and stuffy air of a taxi or a bus and say hello to a brand new mobile you! Continue reading

MFC car finance

MFC car finance for bad credit

If you are looking for a car you will know that it can be such a headache to get motor vehicle finance granted to you especially when you are blacklisted. Looking from one bank to the other only to be left rejected can be very frustrating and disheartening. MFC Car Finance is here to rescue you from your financial woes and get you behind that wheel you’ve been dying to drive. Living in South Africa without a car can be a complete nightmare; standing in long queues of the disorganized public transportation system only to get to work late will give you grey hairs before time. A car is a must have when you are working and can afford it. Continue reading

Loan Finder

Loan Finder

When you are looking for a loan to finance your car, holiday, tuition costs, and renovation and anything in between; you can be flooded with confusion from the thousands of credit providers out there and who has the time to research each and every ones credibility? The process can be quite gruelling especially when you get rejected by most if not all of the credit institutions you apply to. If you are going through this process then stop yourself from developing a migraine right now. Simply turn to Loan Finder and they will do all the work for you even if you are blacklisted. Continue reading



A car is something that most South Africans look forward to having and it only makes sense because in order to get to around through the big cities can be quite the nightmare when needing to get to work, run errands or simply get from A to B. Unfortunately most South Africans do not afford the costs of having a car and have to go without one. That was before Mad Rent came into existence with their great offering that differentiates them from many of the companies out there that offer car finance. With Mad Rent you can get a car in a slightly different manner that will bring a positive light to car finance. Continue reading

Earn a Car

A car is such a must have in South Africa especially when living in a city where you have a million things to do in such little time. Getting to work without a car can be quite the nightmare and it can literally cost just as much as a car instalment or more when you add up the cost on a monthly basis so why not get a car? The high cost of living in South Africa can highly impact the decision of getting a car not. Continue reading

Cars 4 Everyone

A car does not just represent luxury and convenience but it represents dire necessity in a country like South Africa. Most people need a car not only to make it on time to work but to make sure that if their work consists of a lot of travelling to and fro the office; they have quick and reliable transportation to do so. Though a car may be a necessity to have unfortunately it is not easily attainable die to the expense of purchasing and maintaining a car not to mention insurance. Car finance may not be a viable option but that’s where Cars 4 Everyone comes in to rescue you from that dead end you thought you’d reached Continue reading

Car Finance

Car finance can be the only thing holding you back from getting behind the wheel of your favourite car and that’s because it is not easy to get great car finance that will suit your budget and still have all the benefits that make owning a car an absolute must. The frustration from going from one bank to the next in search of the perfect solution can be very overwhelming and is further accelerated if you happen to be blacklisted. Car Finance is a company that understands this all too well and as such they have built their business to accommodate anyone looking for great car finance whether blacklisted or not. Continue reading

dicovery credit card

Discovery Credit Card

Getting a credit card is something to definitely because it has so many benefits that will bring a lot of convenience to your life making sure that your life is just that much more comfortable along with the management of your finances. The world waits to be explored by you with your credit card in hand. Get the most amazing rewards when you use your credit card on purchases and even on travel with flights and accommodation rewards and benefits. Continue reading