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Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans – These are the type of loans for individuals who have a string of bad experiences with their credit and installment payments. Individuals who may have lost their jobs and could not pay their debts in time. Individuals who may have fallen ill and where hospitalized and used their salary to settle the healthcare bill. Bad credit does not always mean reckless spending of cash and failing to pay. Online service providers have found this niche of bad credit personal loans to help with cash in time of need. There are even payday loans on offer. Pay day loans are structured to last till the next salary day. You borrow the money with the promise to pay on your next salary.

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Mr Cash Loans

The idea of getting a loan while blacklisted can be daunting. All major banking institutions will not even look at your application.  The good news is that even with bad credit, being blacklisted is not the end of the world. There are credit institutions that are more than willing to aid such people. Mr Cash Loans is one such credit provider. You can get personal loans and get out of any financial jam. Continue reading


Mashonisa Loans

Mashonisa loans is a credit lender. It is based in Johannesburg. It has a well-trained team of consultants that will help you find the type of loan you will be able to afford. Hard times are not uncommon, even to those that work they sometimes need financial assistance. An interesting fact is that you could be working and still be blacklisted. At Mashonisa Loans the credit on offer can go up to R20 000. Operations are based in Johannesburg. Blacklisted people can put apply for the loan.
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Mazuma Loans

Borrowing sums of money from a friend or relative is not so easy. Chances are they are also thinking of borrowing from you. Problems arise that need to be attended to quickly and going around asking for aid from unscrupulous lenders and comparing their interest rates is not advisable. It is always best to avoid them. South Africa has more than 6 000 legal lenders that are under the overseer and regulation of the National Credit Regulator. Modern credit lenders have sophisticated knowledge and operate on the internet. You can even use a phone online browser to access a loan through micro lending companies. At Mazuma Loans, the consultants are well versed with the needs of the market. Striving to make loans affordable for South Africans is our core focus, so that they won’t have to go to disreputable places. Mazuma Loans can best help you get a loan you wish to have and provide you with fast cash. Continue reading

ayoba loans

Ayoba loans

Ayoba Loans is a micro credit lender. It has been active in South Africa for some years. The mission statement of the company is to help all South Africans access easy and simple loans without any headaches. Ayoba Loans has a team of very seasoned consultants that will help you arrange your application of the loan and advice you on what loan you should go for. The company offers the public cash when money is needed due to a situation that arises. Continue reading

Low credit loans South Africa

Living in South Africa can mean that you battle the economy everyday just to put food on the table. You fight every day to make sure that you meet all your financial obligations on time but unfortunately life can throw you with one too many curve balls in the form of unforeseen expenses that need financial attention right away. When you are battling to keep to your budget only for emergency expenses to make their way to you; it can be disheartening and very frustrating. Many people find themselves blacklisted because they just can’t meet all of their financial obligations and making ends meet has become difficult for most. Low credit loans was established specifically for those who have unfortunately become blacklisted and for those who have low credit scores. The company is here to assist you with your financial woes and help you on the way back to recovery.
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