Credit Solutions loans

Credit Solutions loans

Credit Solutions loans

Credit Solutions – one-stop shop for your financial needs

The financial industry nowadays provides individuals with access to a multitude of credit solutions. Credit provides individuals with access to extra cash should they need it and they then have the responsibility to pay the credit back, with added interest.

Fortunately there are financial institutions that specifically provide financial solutions such as credit cards, short term loans, unsecured loan and payday loans.

An institution that is a one-stop shop for financial needs is Credit Solutions. The institution has the vision to be the preferred niche-focused financial services provider.

About Credit Solutions:

Credit Solutions is a financial services provider that caters to the financial and assurance needs of clients. The institution operates under the auspices of holding company Startfin Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which was established in May 1999.

Service packages offered by Credit Solutions include:

  • Maxi Credit Solutions
  • SWU Credit Solutions
  • Maxi Forces Financial Services
  • JDT Financial Services
  • Maxi Risk
  • Maxi Mobile
  • Maxi Business Solutions

What services are provided by Credit Solutions?

Online Payday Loans– Getting access to online has become much simpler with more people having access to the internet. This has changed the way in which lending institutions offer finance.

While many banking institutions have a variety of financial offers available, their stringent qualifying criteria make it increasingly challenging for individuals to get access to loans. This has created more opportunities for the flourishing micro lending market. Now more than ever, micro lenders are offering more finance to individuals looking for convenient cash loan solutions.

Online payday loans have become increasingly popular as a result.

Short Term Loans– The lender prides itself on providing professional service- making it easier for clients to pay for their financial needs. The loan turnaround rate is fast. Once approved for a loan, it’s paid directly into your bank account.

You are assisted with finance that is designed to suit your financial needs. Credit Solutions will only provide finance if you are able to comfortably afford repayments. Qualifying criteria aren’t too strict and the loan application process is simple. As long as you can prove permanent employment and a consistent source of income, you may be able to qualify for Credit Solutions.

As an authorised financial services provider, you can expect services provided by Credit Solutions to be completely transparent and in line with guidelines set by the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

Unsecured Loans– Borrowers must generally have high credit ratings to be approved for these loans. These loans also generally have high interest rates, as they are often considered a bigger risk for lenders.

The loan from Credit Solutions is issued and supported by the borrower’s creditworthiness.

If a borrower defaults on an unsecured loan, the lender cannot claim property, so they are more likely to charge higher interest instead.

Family Protection Plans that provide funeral cover for the entire family
Cellular deals
Credit Report, which provides a full report of your credit history and credit status in the market.
Easy access to loans and The provision of tailored financial solutions

Credit Solutions contact details

Tel: 0861 113 118

credit solutions loans
credit solutions

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