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Babereki Employee Support Services is a licenced supplier of short-term financial services in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by Micro Finance South Africa (MFSA) and the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

Babereki Services, a distinguished subsidiary within the esteemed Workforce Group of companies, is renowned as a paramount and dependable institution.

It has earned its reputation through its steadfast commitment to providing a comprehensive range of employment, training, healthcare, wellness, financial, and lifestyle services. This unwavering dedication to serving individuals and their respected employers distinguishes Babereki Services as a foremost authority in the industry, ready to elevate the quality of life and productivity for our esteemed clients.

About Babereki loans

Since its founding in 2006, Babereki Employee Support Services has been meeting the basic lifestyle requirements of South Africa’s labour force by meeting the workforce’s demand for financial insurance products and mobile products and services. We believe that catering to these requirements helps employees overcome the challenges of day-to-day stress and anxiety, which in turn enables them to concentrate on their work. Our awareness of South Africa’s distinctive culture, demography, and work practises, together with our enthusiasm for the people of South Africa, has enabled us to successfully provide our goods and services to around 25,000 contractors who are operating at different locations all over the country.

Porcesses of Babereki loans

Loans made via Babereki are legitimate, responsible, and easy to get.
The financial services offered by Babereki allow you to have access to the following:
Short Term Loans: Available in amounts ranging from R500 to R8,000 with manageable payback lengths of up to 6 months.

From R100 to R2,000, Cash Until Payday Loans:
There are times when the cost of transportation, food, and other necessities exceeds what can be paid for in a single calendar month.

At the end of each month, your paycheck or income will be withheld to cover the total loan amount.

For inquiries and assistance, clients can readily reach out to Babereki Loans through the following contact details:

11 Wellington Road,
Parktown, Johannesburg

011 532 0000