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Founded in 2010, Zola Taxi Sales serves as the retail division of Taxi Choice, a subsidiary of SANTACO. The company has distinguished itself within the taxi industry by providing a distinctive blend of vehicle options, financial solutions, and comprehensive industry knowledge.

Powering Your Taxi Business: A Look at Zola Taxi Sales

Empowering Ownership: Zola Taxi Sales understands the value of owning a taxi for operators, not only for financial growth but also for participation in the industry’s value chain. Their tailored financial products make acquiring a taxi, whether a fuel-efficient Toyota Ses’fikile Quantum or a spacious Crafter, more accessible through reduced monthly costs. This empowers operators to build their fleet and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Extensive Selection: While known for direct allocations from Toyota South Africa and VWSA, Zola Taxi Sales doesn’t limit its options. They also cater to diverse needs with Nissan and Iveco vehicles, ensuring a perfect match for every budget and passenger capacity requirement.

Beyond the Sale: Partnering with Zola Taxi Sales extends beyond the initial purchase. Their rigorous verification system ensures only authorized operators receive vehicles, and their national reach connects them with the best deals and support across South Africa.

Zola Taxi Sales product offering: Complete Toolkit for Success:

  • Vehicle Variety: From 16-seater options like the Ses’fikile Quantum to 22-seater powerhouses like the Crafter, Zola Taxi Sales equips operators with the ideal vehicle for passenger comfort and income potential.
  • Accessible Financing: Their understanding of the industry facilitates tailored financing solutions, helping operators, both established and newcomers, find the perfect fit for their budget and growth plans.
  • Essential Support: Zola Taxi Sales goes beyond vehicles. They offer a range of accessories, including loyalty programs for national fuel discounts, to keep operators running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Peace of Mind Insurance: In-house insurance experts provide competitive plans specifically designed for the risks faced by taxi operators.

Choosing Zola Taxi Sales is choosing an experienced partner on the road to success in the taxi industry. Their commitment to empowering ownership, offering diverse options, and providing comprehensive support makes them a valuable resource for any operator.

Zola Taxi Sales contact details

For more information, visit Zola Taxi Sales’ website or contact them directly.
164 Koelman Road
Ashlea Gardens

079 520 7561
012 423 2381
010 065 0993
Whatsapp: 079 520 7561