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Pep account application

Find out how to create an online PEP account here, along with other important information such as how to check your balance.

Beginning the application process for a PEP account online might pave the way for customers in South Africa to purchase at PEP shops on credit for items such apparel, cellular phones, and household goods.

Application for a PEP account may be done online

This section provides a simple and easy-to-follow advice on how to create a PEP account, including a list of the required papers that must be submitted by the applicant.

To begin the application process for your PEP account online, just go to the PEP Stores registration page, and then select the button that says “Apply for a PEP Account.”

After that, you will need to provide your identification number as well as your mobile number in the web form, and then click “Proceed.” After that, you will be needed to submit some kind of income verification. The following papers, depending on the sort of job you have, will be accepted by PEP:

Employment type Proof of income
Permanent Latest 3 months’ payslips or latest 3 months’ bank statements
Contract Latest 3 months’ payslips or latest 3 months’ bank statements
Self-employed Latest 3 months’ bank statements
Domestic Latest 3 months’ payslips, latest 3 months’ bank statements or employment confirmation form
Pensioner Latest 3 months’ bank statements or other form of proof

You will be walked through the process of uploading your papers through the online platform. Another option is to send an email to PEP at with the documents attached.

Pep account application evaluation process

PEP will evaluate your application according on its affordability standards after you have provided a proof of income to the organisation. They will then get in touch with you to inform you of the results of your application.

Keep in mind that if you are having trouble opening a PEP account online, you may always apply for one in any of the PEP stores located across South Africa. Remember to bring your government-issued identification as well as any kind of income verification.

In the event that your application is accepted, you will get a message instructing you to pick up your PEP account card at the PEP location that is most convenient for you. After then, you may use your card to make credit purchases from the brand’s clothes, cellphone, and home goods departments using the funds on your account. In addition, you may use the card in retailers such as Refinery and Ackermans as well as Tekkie Town, Dunns, Dealz, and Shoe City.

How to Check the Balance and Instalment of Your PEP Account

Simply call the USSD number *120*3012# and follow the directions to check your PEP account balance or instalment.

Alternatively, call 0860 900 500, pick PEP account card, and then follow the audio directions. When checking your balance or making an instalment payment, have your card and ID number handy.

How to pay your PEP account, including banking information/numbers

You may pay your PEP account in the following ways:

  • PEP, Refinery, Ackermans, Shoe City, Tekkie Town, Dealz, or Dunns stores.
  • Internet banking or a mobile banking app. Tenacity Financial Services should be found on the list of pre-approved beneficiaries.
  • Order for debit. To get the debit order forms, send an email to
  • Instant and secure Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through OZOW (only available in South Africa).
  • Cash payment at a cash-accepting ATM or EFT at a bank branch or enabled ATM.
  • A Flash trader accepts cash payments.

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