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Tsheleka loans

Tsheleka Cash Loans serves as a favoured registered credit provider, having established itself as a vibrant and inventive microlending institution for over two decades.

The journey of Tsheleka has been defined by a commitment to upholding high ideals, together with creativity and integrity. Tsheleka stands out as a shining example of ethical microfinance in a sector that is frequently stigmatized for charging excessively high interest rates and engaging in practices that are prejudicial to borrowers.

The Beginnings of Tsheleka Tsheleka was established in the year 2000 and initially functioned through typical brick-and-mortar facilities. At that time, the company provided much-needed financial support to individuals who may not have access to traditional banking services. The fundamental concept was to offer microloans with low interest rates, making it feasible for individuals to gain access to finances without entering into a vicious cycle of debt.

Tsheleka made a huge advance in 2021 by introducing an online loan facility, which allowed the company to broaden its scope of operations and provide its services to customers across the country. Because of this advancement, residents all throughout South Africa were able to gain access to speedy and hassle-free small loan options without having to leave the comfort of their own homes. It was a significant step forward in the direction of promoting financial inclusion for everyone.

The introduction of Tsheleka Credit in 2021 was undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy developments made by Tsheleka that year. This forward-thinking department’s goal was to deliver financial wellness education for employees right to the offices of business owners. Tsheleka offered a variety of options to meet the demand for financial security after realizing the significance of this aspect of well-being not only for individuals but also for the companies for which they work.

Tsheleka’s service options:

The services offered by Tsheleka can be broken down into three main categories, as follows:

Tsheleka Credit: The Tsheleka Credit programme is tailored to meet the needs of businesses and the employees of those firms. By utilising this one-of-a-kind service, businesses are able to outsource the provision of staff loans to Tsheleka, thereby enhancing the financial well-being of their employees without exposing themselves to any liability. This project not only works to improve the health of the workforce but also assists businesses in developing work environments that are less unstable and more conducive to productivity.

Tsheleka Finance: Tsheleka Finance is steadfast in its dedication to offering personalised financial solutions. Tsheleka Finance is here for you whether you require a modest loan to pay for unanticipated costs or a large sum of money to fund an important event in your life. You can submit an application for financing at any of their locations, and if you are approved, you will have access to the financial wellness you are due.

Tsheleka Online: Tsheleka is aware of the significance of convenience in today’s fast-paced and digital society. It only takes a few mouse clicks to apply for a personal microloan with Tsheleka Online. You can submit an application for short-term financing through their intuitive app, offering the ability to obtain financial assistance right where you need it, at your fingertips.
Over the course of twenty-five years, Tsheleka has worked to transform the concept of microfinance in South Africa. It started off as a small company that offered microloans with low interest rates at physical locations, but it has since grown into a digital behemoth that operates across the country. The fact that Tsheleka Credit exists is evidence that the organisation is dedicated not only to individuals but also to the companies that are the primary drivers of the economy in South Africa.

Tsheleka is making it easier and more affordable for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds to gain access to financial services in a world in which such participation is obligatory. In the field of microfinance, they stand out due to the consistent commitment they have to ethical business practises, innovation, and the health and happiness of their customers.

You may therefore rely on Tsheleka to assist you in navigating the problems that come your way in life with honesty and to provide you with financial solutions that genuinely make a difference in the event that the twists and turns of life endanger your financial well-being.

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Shop 12, NBS Building, Cnr of Maxwell and Commercial Rd, Empangeni, 3880
Tel: 035 772 2191


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65 Maitland St, Greytown, 3250
Tel: 033 413 3320


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Shop 1, Theatre Ln, Pietermaritzburg, 3201
Tel: 033 394 0767

Port Shepstone

Ground Floor, 46 Aiken St, Port Shepstone, 4240
Tel: 039 682 0456


Office 102, Old Mutual Building, Moluang St, Phuthaditijhaba, 9869
Tel: 058 713 2215


Shop 19b, Stanger Market Plaza, Cato St, Stanger, 4449
Tel: 032 551 4094


Shop 5/6, Ashanti Centre, Arbee Dr, Tongaat, 4399
Tel: 032 945 2769