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Equi Advance Loans

Equi-Advance Loans are the type of loans that are made and meant for the individual or business related financing. The loans are designed to help maintain a lifestyle when a person is faced with difficulties in a month or year; they are a bail out to challenging situations. The loans cover businesses whether the company needs an extension to cover immediate expenses, cover off debts, or pay off workers even small business related extension costs, or business related bridge finances; Equi-Advance Loans can help. The company specializes in short-term loans which are loans that will cover you in the short term and their repayments are also for a short term period. RAF Advances are Road Accident Funds related loans in the short term; bridge loans are another form of short term loans which the company deals in as well as invoicing.

The credit services provider is a privately owned financial institution and will look after your needs from a personal point of view by giving you the attention that you need.

About – Equi-Advance Loans

Every starting company to established ones sometimes struggle with cash flow and find it hard to fulfill the daily requirement of the company which can compromise the company’s productivity and limit the staff morale. Sometimes the client promises to pay but misses the deadline and this can put the company in a difficult financial position. Equi-Advance Business Loans has structured short term loans available and asset-based finance to companies trusts with a minimum of three trustees  and Closed Corporations from R300 000 and up. Companies can apply for this loan to pay suppliers, clients, wages or salaries, engage in business expansion, or develop a new project within the company.

The company’s short term loans are loans from the 1st month to the 12th month. You can schedule your repayments as convenient as possible for you and thus it should not be a difficulty to pay back the funds. It is of utmost importance that the payments are received on a monthly basis and kept up to date and settles in accordance with the repayment term agreed upon. Monthly interest rates are based on the merit of every personalized transaction.

One of the main criteria to qualify for the short term loan is that the individual must have settled all debt on fixed and unfixed property and this will be used as collateral for the security of the loan; if you have other asset related proposition; the company will be willing to look into such.

Equi-Advance loansEqui-Advance offers Bridging Finance and fixed asset finance, fixed property is used as collateral to acquire this loan. Bridging finance is a short term loan that is put up against future income from the sale of a current asset or fixed asset.

Services – Equi-Advance Loans

  • Personal short term loans
  • RAF Advances
  • Business short term Loans
  • Trusts
  • Close Corporations
  • Bridge Finance


  • Get a loan from R300 000 and upwards
  • Tailor made and easy repayments terms
  • Easy online application
  • Confidentiality of your documents

Application information requirement:

  • 21 years and older
  • Must have a valid South African Identity Document (ID)
  • Must have a pay slip for the past 3 months
  • Proof of Employment of two years

Contact Details

Tel: 087 940 9114
Email: office@equi-advance.co.za

Address: Suite 2A, First Floor, Waterkloof Rand Centre, Cnr Rigel Avenue & Buffelsdrift Street, 370 Buffelsdrift Street, Erasmusrand, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0181, South Africa

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