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Kei Cash Loans functions as an autonomous lending and financing establishment in Cape Town, providing an array of loan products encompassing business loans, mortgage loans, personal loans, consolidation loans, and general loans. Their services extend to a diverse clientele, encompassing individuals both blacklisted and non-blacklisted.

Kei Cash Loans: Understanding the Financial Solutions Provider

Kei Cash Loans is committed to offering its customers with individualised loan solutions that are in line with their financial plans and potential, so making it easier for them to accomplish their goals. Maintaining its unwavering dedication to providing individuals with help on a daily basis, the organisation works to ensure that persons have access to credit in a responsible manner that has a beneficial influence on their lives.

Kei Cash Loans provides financial aid to those who do not have collateral, primarily for the goal of obtaining educational funding, constructing or renovating a home, beginning or expanding a small business, engaging in agricultural endeavours, and dealing with unforeseen personal circumstances. In light of the fact that Kei Cash Loans is aware of the necessity of responsible credit practises, the company takes preventative measures to inform customers about the terms of repayment. The organization’s dedication to developing financial responsibility is shown in the fact that it encourages borrowing for purposes that are both legitimate and smart.

Types of loans offered by Kei Cash Loans

Short Term Loan:

If you find yourself in a situation where you require a quick injection of cash, Kei Cash Loans offers a solution that is appropriate for you via its short-term loans. Loans with a short repayment period are designed to meet immediate financial needs and can be helpful for a variety of objectives, including the following:

  1. Paying unexpected bills, including medical expenses.
  2. Covering costs related to significant life events like funerals, weddings, or family gatherings.
  3. Debt consolidation for more manageable financial obligations.
  4. Supporting farming and crop planting endeavors.

Those who take out short-term loans have the ability to control their repayments over a period of time that can range from one to nine months, with repayment plans that offer flexibility.

Medium Term Loan:

Medium-term loan alternatives are available through Kei Cash Loans for individuals who are looking for a larger cash loan with a longer repayment horizon. The following are examples of situations that are eligible for medium-term loans, which are designed to meet bigger financial needs:

  1. Paying school fees.
  2. Investing in farming products.
  3. Initiating or expanding a business.
  4. Furnishing your home with essential items like computers or ovens.

Medium-term loans often have payback terms that range from one to two years, giving borrowers the opportunity to pay off bigger amounts of money over a longer period of time.

Long Term Loan:

Kei Cash Loans provides long-term loans to borrowers, enabling them to gain access to maximum cash amounts while they are in the process of making big financial obligations in the near future. The prolonged payback time, which can range anywhere from three to ten years, makes it easier and more reasonable to manage repayments. When it comes to investments, long-term loans are good for things like:

  1. Purchasing a car.
  2. Acquiring a house.
  3. Funding business expansion or new ventures.

Throughout the entirety of the process of applying for a long-term loan, a knowledgeable representative from Kei Cash Loans is accessible to offer direction, advise, and assistance. It is clear that the organisation is dedicated to both the advancement of the economy and the improvement of society because it is of the opinion that long-term loans have the potential to facilitate beneficial changes in the lives of individuals.

Kei Cash Loans, with its comprehensive suite of short-term, medium-term, and long-term loan options, stands as a reliable partner in financial endeavors. Clients can leverage the company’s expertise and impressive track record to make informed decisions that align with their unique needs and aspirations.

kei cash loans application
kei cash loans application

Kei Cash Loans contact details

Kei Cash Loans is available to its customers through the following channels of communication: via telephone at +27 (0) 87 510 2145, via mobile at +27 (0) 83 757 7654, or via email at
Office Address:
Civic centre, Podium Block,
Third Floor,
12 Hertzog Boulevard,
Cape Town