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Marlin Credit Loans offers bridging loans that are both quick and easy to obtain, ensuring that you will have timely financial solutions to meet your requirements. The organization is committed to assisting individuals in identifying straightforward financial solutions. Specializing in bridging loans, with over sixty years of expertise, they assure the reliability and security of the bridging funding solutions provided. The financial advancement of their clients is deemed of utmost importance.

Marlin Credit: Your Source for Loans in Times of Need

The period of awaiting a lump sum settlement can be challenging, especially for individuals who have recently resigned, encountered job loss, experienced disability, or undergone divorce. In situations necessitating financial support, Marlin Credit provides prompt and readily accessible bridging loans.

The organization’s goal is to streamline the process and provide clients with proficient support to facilitate their financial recovery. The team is available to assist in any way necessary, whether it involves guiding clients through the step-by-step process or addressing brief inquiries.

Establishing strong relationships with clients remains a top priority for the organization. They take pride in their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction through the quality of services delivered.

Marlin Credit Pension or Provident Fund Bridging Loans

For individuals awaiting a lump sum payout, Marlin Credit stands ready to offer assistance in expediting the availability of funds. Bridging loans are accessible to applicants awaiting a minimum benefit of R20,000, contingent upon affordability. The loan amount is determined by 10% of the lump sum.

Bridging loans starting from R2,000 are extended by Marlin Credit, subject to affordability considerations.

Marlin Credit Property Bridging Advance

Marlin Credit is dedicated to aiding clients with property bridging advances while maintaining a commitment to respect and dignity. Each client is esteemed on a personal and professional level.

To ensure a smooth and prompt process, the organization has streamlined and simplified its application procedure. Marlin Credit has the capacity to provide up to 85% of the net proceeds and commits to a 1-hour turnaround time for approval. This commitment is contingent upon meeting transaction requirements and timely submission of the required documents and information for processing by the transferring or conveyancing attorney.

Bridging Advances for Selling Property

The conveyancing process, encompassing the registration of the property to the new owner and the disbursement of property sale proceeds to the seller, generally extends over a period of 6 to 12 weeks. However, individuals selling their properties often find the need for upfront funds, whether for Rates & Taxes, Compliance Certificates, a deposit on a new property, or personal use.

For those engaged in property transactions, including the sale of vacant stands, houses, and commercial property, Marlin Credit provides the opportunity to receive an advance on a portion of the property sale proceeds. It is essential to acknowledge that this service does not encompass building loans, property developments, etc.

Bridging Advances for Buying property

The acquisition of a property through the utilization of an approved bond or the sale of another owned property is commonly contingent upon the registration processes associated with the bond or the sale of the previous property. Typically, upfront payments for transfer duty, associated costs, or other relevant expenses are required by the conveyancer. However, it is important to note that the actual funds become accessible only upon the completion of the registration process.

Marlin Credit offers the provision to advance a portion of the approved bond or the proceeds from a previous property sale to facilitate the purchase of another property, provided that the financial value exceeds the purchase price.

Marlin Credit application
Marlin Credit application

Marlin credit contact details

Marlin Credit, being a nationally based organization with branches across the country, can be reached through its National Call Centre at 021 948 9250, or via cellphone and WhatsApp at 067 971 0132. Communication through email is also welcomed at