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If you have been searching for quick and cheap loans, you have come to the right place. Getting loans need not be difficult. Lime Loans are available online. Making the application quick and safe. As long as you have internet you can access the loan. Lime Loans South Africa (Pty) Ltd, is a registered financial services and credit provider.

About – Lime Loans

Lime24 Loans has formulated 4 different types of loans for its customers.  Lime loans is accredited by National Credit Regulator (NCR) and it complies by the standards penned out by NCR. It functions as a finance provider and offers short term credit through an online loans service. Anyone can apply for a quick loan. The response time is instant. Loaning services usually take time to process. But at Lime-loans turnaround time is within 5 minutes.

Services by Lime24

Lime24 has formulated four (4) different types of loans.

The VIP loan pack, which is the highest loan on offer, goes for R7 500. The service operations are based on the internet. This was done to help you get a loan quick. No standing in lines, no need to drive to a place, no need to look for a shop. This method best suits the modern lifestyle that is fast pace. It makes it easy for anyone to get  loans  without any hustles.

Loans offered by Lime24

Lime Start

  • You can borrow up to R1 462
  • Loan has a 35 day Repayment Period
  • Lime Silver
  • You can borrow up to R3 150
  • Loan has a 35 Day Repayment Period

Lime Gold

  • You can borrow up to R4 500
  • Loan has a 35 Day Repayment Period


  • You can borrow up to R7 500
  • Loan has a 65 Day Repayment Period

All the loans have competitive interest rates. The can be rates are tailor-made.
lime24 loans

Here’s what we meant by getting Lime loans in just 5 minutes:

  • It takes only 3 Minutes to register online.
  • It takes only 1 Minute for pre-approval.
  • It takes only 1 Minute to make the funds to be approved.
  • It only takes seconds for the transfer to be complete. Money moving into your bank account.

This is the 5 minutes step and method Lime24 has developed. It’s good to know that you can take pressure of any emergency situation that needs a loan. You will not have to worry about time. No technical analyses that take time, no emotional energy wasted on your part.

Application – Here are the loan requirements

To apply for Lime24 loans, you will have to have proper documentation. Before you fill in an online form, make sure you have the documents with you. This is what you will need.

  • A South African Identity Document book or car
  • Your working bank account
  • Your cellphone number
  • Work documents

Lime Loans Contacts:

011 442 6722 011 442 6722

To find out more about Lime loans you can contact and request information. One of their consultants will sure help you. The Lime24 website, is easy to navigate. They are very quick with a 5 minute strategy for online applications.

You can use our loan calculator or apply for a loan.

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