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Have you been affected by life unpredictable circumstances that need money and no close family member is near, even a close friend? Its well knows that life can throw moments that are not fun to walk through.

Make Life Easy Loans is here to help you through difficult situations that need money as soon as possible. Make Life Easy loans is a micro lender, a credit provider that is ran by well trained professionals and the staff members are diligent in processing loan applications. The credit lender provides loans and payday loans to help you through a tough month. You can access even small loans to buy something you want that you know it will be sold out before the month ends.

Product and services

The credit lender has a few products and services that can cover you during a crisis or even when you just need money for something you want to buy.

  • Payday loans – These loans are the type you borrow with the promise of paying back the loan at the end of the month. It could be that you are in the middle of the month and you need money, this loan is secured against you next salary.
  • Payday loans have differing interest rates.
  • Payable at the end of the month.
  • The entry loan amount is R500.

Loan request
For an example, if you request a R500.00 loan you will pay R5.83 on interest, and also pay R14.00 on service fees. The initiation cost will be R75.00, VAT of R0.00 and insurance of R0.00.
Total repayment will be R594.83.
Loan Fees & Interest are based on regulations set out in Chapter 5 of NCA no. 34 of 2005.

Make Life Easy Loans Benefits

  • Loans under regulation on National Credit Act
  • Affordable loans on offer
  • Interest rates are competitive

Application for the loan with Make Life Easy

For the purpose of security and processing the loan in record time, the following documentation will be required:

  • A South African Identity Book or Card
  • Proof of Residential address
  • Banks statements not older than 3 months
  • Provide latest pay slip, not older than 3 months
  • Working cellphone number where you can be contacted.

The documentation will go through a process of verification. Please note that you must be employed and earning a salary that is enough for you to pay back the loan. You also must be a South African citizen not planning to migrate in the next month.
Once you have been approved you will be notified. The payday loan will be made available to your bank account and you can use it as needed.

Should you need any more details on the process of getting a loan or have any question, feel free to contact Make Life Easy Loans during office hours. One of their friendly consultants will be happy to assist you and take you through the process of getting a loan and repayments structure.
make life easy loans

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