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Borrowing sums of money from a friend or relative is not so easy. Chances are they are also thinking of borrowing from you. Problems arise that need to be attended to quickly and going around asking for aid from unscrupulous lenders and comparing their interest rates is not advisable. It is always best to avoid them. South Africa has more than 6 000 legal lenders that are under the overseer and regulation of the National Credit Regulator. Modern credit lenders have sophisticated knowledge and operate on the internet. You can even use a phone online browser to access a loan through micro lending companies. At Mazuma Loans, the consultants are well versed with the needs of the market. Striving to make loans affordable for South Africans is our core focus, so that they won’t have to go to disreputable places. Mazuma Loans can best help you get a loan you wish to have and provide you with fast cash.

About – Mazuma Loans

Mazuma Loans has different kinds of personal cash loans , some go up to R200 000 and operates as a financial loan broker. It works with a variety of credit providers. These credit providers offer different types of interest and loan structures. Within this group of providers, Mazuma Loans searches and compares all available options and picks up the one that will fit your pocket.

Mazuma Services

Payday Loans

  • Up to R3 000
  • Approved on the same day
  • Money transferred within an hour

Short Term Loans

  • Up to R8 000 to loan
  • Get approved on the same day
  • Money transferred within 24 hours

Medium Term Loans

  • Up to R20 000 to loan
  • Few personal documents required
  • Money transferred within 24 hours

Long Term Loans

  • Borrow up to R200,000
  • Quick and easy process
  • Minimal documentation required
  • Money transferred quick and fast

These are some of the benefits of Mazuma Loans


  • Blacklisted can request loans
  • No paperwork
  • Choose to pay the loan off before the period.
  • Flexible repayment
  • affordable Interest rate
  • Cash transfer is immediate

Application – Here’s how you can apply for Mazuma Loans

To apply all it takes is to visit the website and fill in an online application form right away. The website is user friendly and not complicated. You will need to have your documentation by your side as you will have to fill all the details required:

  • South African Identity Document (ID) book or card
  • A bank account and other banking related details
  • Residential address
  • Work documentation

mazuma loans
The proceeding of documentation is fast. The consultants at Mazuma Loans will do checks on the documents and verify all the details. When you qualify, the loan you requested will be ran through the pool of credit providers.  The best offers on the table will be presented to you. Through this you will be able to see the list of offers. Once you accept the loan it will be processed and the cash will be available to you within an hour.

For more information on Mazuma Loans you can fill the online and one of the consultants will contact you.

Visit loan application or for more information or try out our loan calculator.

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