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Money 24 is certain that you have encountered situations when you need money urgently. Cash problems can arise even when you have a perfect monthly financial plan.


Money 24 is an accredited cash loans provider. It has a very specific design of cash operations. The purpose is to give you loans without any headache. Have you been rejected by credit lenders before? Try Money 24, the methods of accessing credit is meant for ordinary working people. Banks usually have high credit checks and needs your profile to be perfect. Working and being able to pay the loan is what is needed as a crucial step towards getting a loan.


Money 24 offers well-tailored services. Payday loans and short term loans are two cash credit services. Starting at R500 up to R4 000 are cash loans available. Payday loans are useful in covering any financial needs that come during the month. You know when you budget for the entire month, and then something happens that is outside the budget? It could be a medical need or car repairs. Payday loans are useful for this purpose and are paid off within 30 days or the next payday. Short term loans start from R1 000 up to R4 000. This type of loan is perfect for small needs like fixing furniture in the house or buying something electronic. The repayments are up to 5 months. Interest rates are competitive.


  • Payday loans and small loans are easy to pay off.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Have cash in your bank account in less than 24 hours.
  • Professional services for each applicant.


To qualify and receive a loan from Money 24 you need to be working full time. Your monthly salary must be reasonable enough to meet payment of the loan in time. Loans are open to those who are18 years or older. The information you supply will be checked and go through a confirmation process. You will need the following documents upon application.

  • A legit working cell phone number
  • A copy of South African Identity Document (ID book or Card)
  • Banking details, Account where your salary is deposited into
  • Last three months bank statements
  • Provide the Latest pay slips
  • Produce a proof of residential address

Money 24 will need you to produce all your account statements and other loan statements. If you are married in community of property its essential you provide spouse documents. After the verification process and when you qualify you can expect your loan to be in your account in about 24 hours.


For more information on how to apply for a loan you can sent an email. Another option is to visit them on their given address. Have your documents ready when you apply for the loan. The friendly staff will assist you with all your questions.


Address & Phone Number

Branches in Bellville, Wynberg, Strand or Worcester.
• BELLVILLE: 4th Floor, ABSA Building, 32 Voortrekker Road, Bellville,

Phone Number: 021 949 0458

• WYNBERG: Right next to Wynberg Court in Court Street, Wynberg,

Phone Number: 021 201 6680

• STRAND: GlazierBay Centre, 34 Michau Street, Strand,

Phone Number: 021 854 5129

• WORCESTER: Adderley Street 77, Worcester,

Phone Number: 023 342 5501

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