Prestec Finance loans

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Prestec Finance loans

Prestec Finance loans are installment loans with a brief payment period. You get the necessary funds swiftly and effortlessly. In addition, you have up to 10 months to repay your loan, so you are set up for success from the start. Also included with a Prestec Finance are:

  • After completing your first loan with Prestec Finance, you’ll get a lower interest rate on each subsequent loan.
  • Professionally qualified relationship managers will assist you at every stage.
  • The ability to pay off your Prestec Finance at any moment without incurring any prepayment penalties.
  • The ability to temporarily suspend payments (as long as your account is in good standing)


Prestec Finance loans – competitive edge

As an online direct lender, Prestec Finance is transforming the emergency loan business by using the most advanced FinTech technologies in the world. Prestec Finance employs machine learning, artificial intelligence, and massive amounts of data to identify fraud and anticipate repayment. We provide online loans directly to consumers through desktop or mobile devices, underwriting these loans in seconds without requiring the applicant to complete a lengthy application. Prestec Finance is committed to delivering equitable and open loan access. We are able to provide borrowers access to emergency money that many other lenders cannot since we don’t have the overhead expenses of brick-and-mortar stores and are better at identifying fraud and anticipating repayment. We are able to provide loans to “thin file” borrowers, the unbanked, and the underbanked for up to half the cost of other small-dollar lenders, payday firms, and pawn brokers, without the hidden fees—such as origination, rollover, and missed payment fees—that others often demand.

Real Estate Loan Program

Prestec Finance loans real estate investors between 75% and 90% of the acquisition price, and sometimes even more! Our mortgages often do not qualify. We will lend on ANY property in the state, regardless of where it was purchased. If the transaction seems sense, we’ll proceed! With Prestec Finances, one might anticipate: No Minimum FICO Score Requirement No Prepayment / No Balloon Payment Penalty Only Fire & Vandalism Insurance There are no roof or termite inspections. NEITHER Credit Life nor MIP

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Tel: +27 78 953 3577

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