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SEF Loans

SEF’s Belief in Microloans: A Path to Independence and Empowerment

The organisation known as SEF holds a strong belief that a microloan serves a purpose beyond being a supplementary form of income. Instead, it serves as a means of financial access that opens the door to independence, self-reliance, and empowerment for the individuals it serves. The organisation is dedicated to enhancing its outreach and fostering the development of novel products and services, with the primary objective of uplifting rural women from impoverished conditions. The organisation known as SEF has a notable level of enthusiasm towards the future and the possible influence of its endeavours.

SEF Loans Founding Vision and Growth

Matome Malatji and John De Wit, two forward-thinking individuals, founded SEF in 1992 with two modest loans and an enormous vision. SEF, originating in the economically disadvantaged province of Limpopo, presently operates in seven provinces of South Africa and serves an estimated 148,702 clients, with 99 percent being female. Its significant influence extends beyond regional boundaries.

Microenterprise as a Path Out of Poverty

SEF firmly believes that escaping poverty can be achieved by establishing a microenterprise. According to SEF, the primary obstacle its clients face is not a lack of motivation, entrepreneurship, or skills; rather, it identifies the paucity of finance as the main hindrance. SEF eliminates this barrier by linking women to the resources they need to improve their lives. The organization operates using a modified version of the tried-and-true group-lending system pioneered by the Grameen Bank. Additionally, the organization ensures that its customers do not have to provide any form of collateral.

SEF Loans Comprehensive Programs for Holistic Impact

  • Clients are given the chance to establish savings objectives and monitor their progress through the Savings Mobilisation Programme offered by SEF. This programme helps clients achieve financial independence and stability.
  • Through its Financial Education Programme, SEF equips its clients with the resources they require to efficiently manage their money and expand their businesses.
  • Through its relationship with the Intervention with Microfinance for Aids and Gender Equity (IMAGE) programme, the Sustainable Enterprise Fund (SEF) provides training in the areas of health and gender empowerment. This effort attempts to reduce the number of people who are vulnerable to HIV and violence from intimate partners.
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Small Enterprise Foundation

SEF loans contact details

For clients seeking contact information, you can reach SEF at their Tzaneen Headquarters located at 8 1st Avenue, Tzaneen, Limpopo, 0850, South Africa.
You can contact them via telephone at +27 15 307 5837 or through email at Additionally, for those closer to the Midrand area, the Midrand Office is situated at 2nd Floor, West Wing, 13 Challenger Avenue, International Business Gateway, Midridge Park, Midrand, 1685, South Africa. Feel free to reach out for any inquiries or assistance.