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NORUFIN Housing loans

NORUFIN Housing credit

The current reality in South Africa is that a house for first time home owners is not as spacious as it used to be. Today’s standards are somewhat poor. The house is small and the rooms can feel like they are squeezing in on you. These type of properties are called starter homes. You...

ec finance loans

EC Finance Loans – Cape Town South Africa

EC Finance loans always strives to work toward exceeding customers’ expectations. The best companies are the ones that create a professional work environment for its staff and customers. This has a benefit of customers opening up. (more…)


Motemo Cash Loans

Motemo Company overview Motemo Financial Services is a proudly 100% black owned Mzansi, home grown business. It is a financial service provider functioning to best serve the financial needs of the local population and the nation. Its offices are located in Tembisa, Gauteng province. It offers fast quick and fast loans. it has helped lots...