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5min loans

No money traps, no hustles, no hidden clause and no strings attached this is the expression of 5 min Loans.   Everyone knows that money does not originate on trees. When there is a financial situation that needs bailing out quickly you can approach 5 min Loans. Credit is loaned out to answer to your current needs.
Providing financial services in a quick and simple manner is what 5 min Loans does best. The credit provider is based online.  It also has streamlined  personal loan application process to provide you with a fast response and quick approvals.

About – 5min Loans SA

5min Loans SA is a loan broker. It is an authorized credit provider. A loan broker firm is a credit or loan negotiator that looks for best loans on your behalf. 5min Loans SA is in partnership with few of credit providers in South Africa. Within these lending companies, 5min Loans SA will present your loan amount request.  The best deal will be forwarded to you. Saving you time and money.  You can pick the best interest rates and repayment terms. For this service there is a small fee to pay.

You can even have multiple loans with only one loan application . Alternatively you can go for a cash loan designed just for you. Even if blacklisted, you can apply.

5min Loans SA financial services are online. So the services are 24 hours and 24/7. Your loan application will be accepted even past midnight.

Financial solutions on offer by 5min Loans SA includes the following:

Every loan approved is based and calculated on how much you intake every month and the affordability rate.

Application – Here’s how you can apply

5min Loans only accept online loan applications. You must be 18 years and older. You must be working and earning a reasonable income every month.

To apply is simple, just go online and visit the 5min Loans website . The site is very easy to use you can start the application by completing the online form. All loan application will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality.  You will need the following documentation to fill the online form.

  • South African Identity Document book or card
  • Banking details
  • Proof of residential address
  • Email address and cellphone number

When your application is approved.  The loan money will go straight to your bank account.   You can use the money for the purpose you have in mind. Whether it’s for car repairs, transportation money to cover you till month end or medical reasons. The money will answer the need you have.
5min loans
Please note that failure to make timely payments may result in late fees. Interest is added to the loan.

5min Loans SA contact details

Website:  www.5min-loanssa.co.za
Phone Number:  081 530 3090
For more details about getting a 5min Loans you can visit the website. You can also call during office hours and one of their consultants will be sure to help you.

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