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Absa express loan

Absa is a well know brand in South Africa providing financial and banking services to the nation. It is accredited by the National Credit Regulator. It has a wide range of products and services on offer.  Absa express loan is one of the many financial services designed for the South African market. It is a short term loan that starts from R1 500 to R8 000. The interest rates are affordable. It is one of the best institutions if you are looking for loans or any other product related to banking services.

Here are some advantages of getting Absa Express Loan

The loan is structured to have flexibility within its payment period, which can go up to 6 months. Every month you will pay a fixed rate. You won’t be affected by interest on the rate repo rate when it goes up or down. This will offers you financial security in a sense. You will know how much to pay every month without having to be concerned about the interest rate going up.

Absa customers get Credit Protection Plan. This will keep you protected financially when you can’t settle the loan in full. The plan covers instances that are beyond your control like death, retrenchment, disability and so on. It is a great plan because when you can’t pay, you won’t be blacklisted.

A quick recap on services and benefits of Absa express Loan

Absa express loan services and Benefits

  • Quick and easy loan
  • From R1 500 up to R8 000
  • Flexibility on loan repayments
  • Interest rate stability
  • Protection plan for Absa customers.

Application – what you will need to start with the application

As it is a rule by the National Credit Regulator, all applications must be checked. Giving out loans outside the affordability of the person is something the bank won’t do. So you don’t have to worry about getting in unplayable debt. All applications are vetted and checked. You will need the following for the application processes:

  • A valid South African Identity Document (I.D) book or card.
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Provide Banking details (Absa or any S.A bank)
  • Bank account that is more than 3 months old( from Absa or any S.A bank)
  • Provide Working details
  • Provide latest Pay slip
  • Proof of residential address (statements must not be more than 3 months old)
  • Contact details

Please note that the main criteria for approval are your work and monthly income intake. The amount of money you get every month is key as to how much you can get as an express loan.

To get Absa express loan is simple. You can go online and visit their website. You can even do this on your smart phone and start with the application.
Website:  www.absa.co.za
Phone Number: 0860 100 372
For more information you can visit the website. Alternatively if you don’t want to use the internet you can visit any near Absa branch and a consultant will help you with the application.

If you are not sure about any details you can pick up the phone and call them. You will be assisted and your questions will be answered.

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