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Blue Label Connect Cellphone Contracts – In terms of post-paid airtime, content, and value-added services, Blue Label Connect is a major provider. For merchants, credit providers, cellular dealers, and major corporate clients, we work with them to expand their products and enhance the ease of their consumers.

Virtual mobile retail and business-to-business solutions are available from us, including strategic alliances with suppliers and credit retailers, as and when required. We also provide a comprehensive virtual mobile retail solution. Our business clients may give their workers personalized packages through payroll deductions or debit orders when working with Blue Label Connect.

Using our digital sales platform, our customers may accept payments from a wider range of sources, including classic ones like checks and credit cards, as well as newer ones like mobile wallets.

Blue Label Products and services

The goal of our goods and services is to provide our customers with a complete end-to-end solution, which includes simpler methods for managing IT and business components, such as financial reconciliations and marketing communications. Retail and wholesale partners benefit from real-time billing and payroll administration assistance from our integrated billing systems.

Our goods and services:

  • Discounts on airtime, internet and WhatsApp packages are available via our MVNO platform.
  • In-Store and Direct Customer Billing: We provide a variety of payment options for both in-store and direct customer billing.
  • Our contact center system serves both the client and the customer, from the time of purchase until the time of follow-up service.
  • Sales of mobile devices and value-added services that may be purchased on a credit arrangement via the OTB (Open To Buy)
  • A digital platform that delivers bulk SMS, MMS, and USSD messages at a low cost.
  • E-Wallet: Using a specialized software and a USSD platform, a safe and convenient way to transport money throughout South Africa is provided by an E-Wallet.
  • Providers of competitively priced service agreements, mobile devices, and SIM cards
  • Customers in South Africa will be able to access a wide range of retail and voucher options, regardless of location, via the OTA platform.
  • Products that provide for both long-term and short-term insurances, with the ability to generate new products in the near future are known as Value Added Services (VAS).

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