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fasta loans

You may get a quick loan from FASTA, a licensed and regulated online consumer lending company. FASTA Loans may be obtained directly from the company as well as via agreements with some of South Africa’s best-known stores and internet merchants. They want to make it as easy as possible for you to get a fast online loan.

Payday loans are available from Fasta Loans, and the repayment term can range from one to three months. For individuals looking for payday loans at more reasonable rates, this is an excellent option. The majority of financial institutions do not allow for repayment terms that are longer than two months. This is an excellent option for anyone looking for quick access to reasonably priced emergency cash loans.

Fasta Loan’s interest rate

How does the interest rate on a Fasta Loan affect the monthly payments on the loan?
The interest rates on a Fasta loan are always the same. You should plan on a rate anything from 0% to 5% interest. However, this rate will be determined by things like your credit profile, among other things.

Fasta Loans are quick and convenient to use.

During their fastest application, the whole process was completed in less than 5 minutes! The time it takes to complete their application varies from 5 to 10 minutes on average. You’ll get the money instantaneously, but it might take up to 48 hours for it to show up in your account, depending on which bank you use.
fasta loans
They do this by providing you with cutting-edge payment choices, such as online and in-store access to urgent rapid loans. There is an online, self-service application procedure that may be accessible on their website or through their retail partners.

Fasta’s short-term loans are simple to comprehend.

This means that FASTA will interact with customers using English by default, since it’s the official language of business in South Africa.

As of today, you may choose between English and Afrikaans as your preferred language for doing business.

Loans from Fasta’s partners are fast and easy.

Third-party service providers, such as customer support centers and debt collection agencies, are also part of Fasta’s network of partners. All eleven official languages are spoken at these companies’ contact centers, and they can help you get a rapid loan in the language of your choice.

Fasta Cash is an online loan that is placed into your bank or savings account immediately.

This method only accepts self-service applications that are submitted through the Internet. There are no hidden fees and consumers may borrow between R500 and R8000, which is often paid back in one to three installments.

How much does FASTACard cost?

When your FASTACard arrives, you will be charged a service fee of 2.5% on the fast loan amount that they have put on your FASTACard. To make things even better, they keep their costs minimal so that you can quickly get the money you need and pay it back without any problems.

Use the FASTA app to make your payment.

Using a payment app on your smartphone makes paying with your phone easy, quick, and safe. Scan a QR code at a shop using your phone’s camera to pay for things using your phone’s credit card. It’s just that simple!

To comply with Section 106(1) of the National Credit Act, 2005, FASTA requires all of its customers to purchase Credit Protection Insurance (CPI). In the event of your death, disability, or retrenchment, this will cover any remaining obligation on your fast loan.

Your family’s financial well-being is in good hands with CPI. This means that if you are unable to make your Fasta fast loan installments, your family will not be held liable.

How to apply for the loan

  • Go to the FASTA website and log into your account.
  • Decide how much money you need from a short-term loan. Between R500 and R8000, you may make a donation.
  • Choose how many monthly payments you’d want to make to pay back your short-term loan. You have the option of making one or more payments over the course of many months.
  • Complete the online application process after you are satisfied with the fast loan amount and payback terms. It’s supposed to be self-service, but if you ever need help, they have a team of experts on hand.

FASTA loans contact

The official website provides a specialised help desk for visitors who want to ask questions in order to make things more convenient for them. The email address is available for use by those individuals who find it more convenient to connect in this manner. Their actual offices may be found in Cape Town, specifically on the third floor of the Spaces building, which is located at Spaces, Dock Road Junction, Cnr Stanley & Dock Road, V&A Waterfront Cape Town, Western Cape. This contact information is being supplied to guarantee that all questions and requirements for effective communication are handled in a timely manner.

fasta loan application
fasta loans application

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