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Bradbury Finance loans

We make short-term loans available to your staff for as little as R500 and as much as R10,000. Additionally, we have an Employee Home Loan program. Both of our products are positioned in the market in a unique way, and our strategy is clear and transparent.
Read on to learn more about each deal.

Employees who find themselves in a tight spot often turn to their employers for financial help or wind themselves in the clutches of predatory loan sharks. With no risk to you or your company, we can assist you alleviate your workers’ financial responsibilities, such as school tuition and unexpected expenses. A secure and responsible way for your workers to borrow money is provided by our custom-made Employee Assistance Program.

How does Bradbury Finance help your employees get a company loan?

  • Approved staff members may get a loan of up to R10 000, with repayment terms of one, six, ten, or twelve months.
  • At R218 a month, you can return a R1000 loan over the course of six months for an overall cost of R1308.)
  • Employees’ wages/salaries are deducted straight from the loan repayments.
  • Bradbury Finance permits just one loan at a time in order to prevent your staff from sliding into a debt trap.

Bradbury Finance loan considerations

With our Employee Assistance Program, employers and workers alike may benefit from favorable rates through payroll deduction, with no risk or cost to the company and with no administrative effort on their part.

After submitting an application, employees may expect a response within 24 hours and the money within 48 hours, depending on the lender. Employees will not be forced to miss work in order to apply for a loan at a financial institution, which reduces absenteeism.

The Application Process Explained in Detail.
You’re giving your workers a reasonable loan to help them better their life when you give them access to our Employee Assistance Program.

Bradbury Finance loan prerequisites

For a loan, here are the basic procedures that your staff must do to get one:

  • Fill out the application and double-check all of your personal and financial information.
  • Sign the application form with your signature.
  • Your manager or HR department will need to receive the application form and the applicant’s most recent pay stub.
  • Managers and HR representatives may sign their names as authorized representatives of the company on the application.
  • Bradbury Finance will get the application and pay stub from the wage/ salary office.
  • If your loan application is granted, we at Bradbury Finance will process it within 24 hours and transfer the cash into your account within 48 hours.
  • Using payroll deductions, Bradbury Finance will receive the repayments from the employee’s salary/wage.
  • Loan records will always be accessible for review. If you’d like examples, please contact us.

Bradbury Finance contact details

Address: Bradbury House, 31A Bright Street, Somerset West
Telephone: (021) 851 6357

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