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AVOK financial services

Get a loan today with AVOK financial services – We as founders have been involved in the microfinance industry for more than 14 years, and our branch is a sister company to the Royal Finance group, which has been in operation for more than 25 years and has 14 locations all across South Africa.

Is AVOK financial services credible?

Yes, because they are microlenders who are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), you may be certain that their business practices are compliant with the law. In addition, they are members of Micro Finance South Africa (MFSA), which ensures that they are constantly up to speed on the most recent laws and regulations pertaining to our products and that our clients always get the best possible service.

In times of financial hardship, it is their goal to provide assistance to those in need while taking into account the capacity of each person to pay back the loan. They also provide assistance and guidance with the goal of improving their current financial status.

Our VISION is to one day be in a position to improve the lives of those with lower incomes by making it possible for us to provide them housing loans and small business loans.

Microloans with terms of up to six months are offered by AVOK Financial Service.

When I apply for a loan with AVOK financial services?

SA ID document.
Statements from your bank covering the most recent three months.
The most recent monthly payslips or slips.
To swipe using a bankcard.
Phone numbers ( Personal, Work number, Family members number, a Friend ).

AVOK financial services contact details

Address – 64 Adderley Street, Standerhof Unit F,
Worcester, South Africa
Telephone: (023) 347 1631
Email: info@avok.co.za

Address – 3 Voortrekker Str, Rawsonville, South Africa
Telephone: (023) 347 1631
Email: info@avok.co.za

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