OK Furniture credit application

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OK Furniture credit application

Customers can avoid the stress of immediate financial strain when they shop with OK Furniture credit, which provides a comfortable and easy option to outfit their homes. OK Furniture credit gives you the freedom you need to turn your dreams of new furniture into a reality by providing you with payment plans that are flexible, an application procedure that is simple, inclusive financing alternatives, low interest rates, and convenient methods of payments. Always remember to borrow money in a responsible manner, and pick a repayment strategy that works with your financial situation. You can make your living space into a comfortable and elegant refuge with the help of OK Furniture credit, all while enjoying the sense of calm that comes with having payments that are within your financial means.

OK Furniture credit benefits

  • payments that are not only manageable but also inexpensive: give your finances a breather with cheap initial deposits and manageable monthly payments.
  • long-term plans: we’ll give you anything from six to thirty-six months to pay, and we’ll customize your plan to accommodate your way of life.
  • Instalments that are guaranteed to be low: we can guarantee that you will not discover instalments that are lower anywhere else.
  • Uncomplicated and stress-free authorization: to get authorized, all it takes is a single click or a short text message.

Put in an application today for your very own credit plan.

OK Furniture credit application online:

  1. Submit your application by filling out our application form online.
  2. You will receive a text message informing you whether or not you have been selected as a winner. In addition, a confirmation e-mail containing your result will be sent to you.
  3. After being reviewed and accepted, you are now free to shop in-store.

OK Furniture credit application via SMS:

  1. Do you wish to make purchases on credit? You can submit your credit request with the use of SMS. To apply using SMS, simply text “mycredit” together with your name, surname, and ID number to 32075 (SMSs cost R1)
  2. As soon as you are able to, one of our helpful advisors will get in touch with you to let you know whether or not you have been accepted.
  3. In order to finish your application for OK Furniture credit, all you need to do is go to the store that is closest to you with a copy of your identification (or a passport that is still valid), your three most recent paystubs or bank statements, proof of residence that is no more than three months old, and a list of your monthly expenses. If you do qualify for OK Furniture credit. If you are not a citizen of South Africa, you are required to bring a copy of your permit with you at all times.

How to pay for your OK Furniture credit account

Payments for OK Furniture credit accounts can be made in-store or through the Money Market teller windows located within Shoprite and Checkers. Or set up a debit order right away!