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Russells credit application

The online credit application for Russells may be found on their web portal at Make a credit application right away. Send an SMS with your ID number to the number 41527. The furniture store Russells can turn your ideal house into a reality by providing you with high-quality pieces of furniture and appliances sold at reasonable prices.

Pepkor Trading (PTY) LTD owns the company known as Russells Furniture. They run a business as a retailer of furniture, with the goal of making your perfect house a tangible reality by providing furniture and appliances of good quality at prices that are affordable to the customer. They have earned their clients’ trust over the course of a century, which allows them to consistently deliver high-quality goods while also allowing them to relax.

The company’s goal is to elicit a particular response from its clients, specifically that they are content with the guaranteed value and affordable pricing of the company’s furniture, which is built to last for many years. They have as their primary goal, as a retailer, the creation of a friendly and pleasurable shopping atmosphere, in which they provide a comprehensive selection of attractive and high-quality goods at reasonable rates, and aim to satisfy the requirements of each and every one of their clients.

Russells credit application prerequisites

  • Valid South African ID
  • Official Residential Permit for Applicants Who Are Not Citizens of the RSA;
  • 3 months bank statements
  • And your latest payslip to show proof of income

Russells credit application contact details

Please contact 010 2111120 and follow the steps for assistance with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your account or insurance.

In the event that you have any questions or concerns regarding your credit account, you should direct them to JD Financial Services rather than the Brand Partner. Please contact them by email at