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Old Mutual is a well-known and well respected financial institution in South Africa. As a group the Old Mutual establishment has thrived over the years in South Africa because it strongly believes in Respect, Dignity, Integrity and accountability. The Old Mutual group is always pushing boundaries whilst maintaining the spirit of Ubuntu in all that they do. Old Mutual has made it a priority to offer the people of South Africa individual or personal loans as well as debt consolidation. Most South Africans become desperate for a little extra cash when their finances do not meet all their monthly needs leaving them frantic to get any short term loan they can get their hands on. Unfortunately many South Africans fall prey to financial traps as a consequence of making poor financial decisions.

Old Mutual clients have a variety of financial products available to them and one of them is called My Money Plan. With this product a client can combine all their debt under one payment plan. This means that the client’s debt will be consolidated under one account and pay a lower instalment on a month to month basis instead of being faced by numerous debt obligations. The My Money Plan also gives clients the option of decreasing their account charges thereby building their accessible cash flow.

The Old Mutual online short term cash loan application is simple and quick. With the short term loan offering a client can get up to R2 000 over a 6 month repayment period. You will then get a confirmation SMS once you have applied for the loan. A client can also apply for a short term loan of up to R50 000 over a 48 months repayment period. The same process will apply however; it may take a little longer to approve as the amount borrowed is higher, a client can also apply for an amount of R100 000 over a 48 months repayment period. With My Money Plan a client will be able to settle their debt and have control over their finances.

Many South African’s have more than one loan taken out and because of that they may be paying a large amount of bank charges. With the My Money Plan a client will only have ONE bank charge. With all the Old Mutual products a client has a consultant on standby whenever they need to inquire of something.

These are the services that the My Money Plan offers:

  • Short-term loans.
  • Loans of up to R100 000.
  • 6-48 months repayment period.
  • Instant cash needs.
  • Budget assistance.
  • Quick and easy loan application.
  • NCR registered credit provider for your peace of mind.

In order to qualify for a short term loan from Old Mutual; a propective client must be able to produce the following:

  • South African ID.
  • Be 18-65 years of age.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Recent payslip.
  • 3 Months banking statement.
  • Proof of permanent employment.

If you are looking for a short term loan then look no further than Old Mutual

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