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“Wait a minute, hey what’s going on here? I could have sworn I had money a minute ago.” Sound familiar? If your answer is yes then you and thousands of other South African’s are in the same boat. Once you get paid the money leaves your account immediately to all your instalments and payments. We all know the story too well. With the relentless economy crouching into all of our lives; it has become very normal for most of us to feel like we are drowning in a deep sea of debt, here, there and everywhere.Making ends meet has become so difficult that we all could do with a bit of financial assistance. That’s why we turn to one instalment after the next to make sure that we have a roof over our heads, food in our stomach and clothes on our back. Unfortunately the cost of living is not decreasing, instead it is increasing which has made our financial matters problematic if not challenging.

Taking a lot of credit can be risky and may come to a point where you are unable to pay back the instalment agreed upon with the credit provider. You will sadly find yourself in a position where you are blacklisted which will affect your credit score negatively. Having a bad credit score can be very frustrating because it literally puts a lock on any financial assistance that you might need from a bank. Do not lose all hope though even though the news may be grimacing, you’ll be happy to know that there are financial institutions that offer financial assistance to anyone that has been denied assistance by the banks due to their low credit score.

At Personal loans you can apply for a consolidation loan. This type of loan applies to those who have been blacklisted. What this will do for you is pay all your debt so that all your debt is consolidated under one roof and you only need to worry about paying back one credit provider as a pose to a number of credit providers. The great thing about a consolidation loan is that the interest rate becomes lower because you are dealing with one credit provider. It is important to note that the consolidation loan is only to be used to consolidate your loan and not for any personal agendas; should the credit provider will ensure of this by them personally paying off all your other credit. Paying this loan on time will work in your advantage as you will begin to build a strong credit record once more.

At Go Personal Loans we also offer personal loans of up to R150 000 through an easy online system with flexible repayment periods and you can expect a response from us within 24 hours. In order to qualify for any of our loans you will need to:

  • Be 18 and above.
  • Be a South African Citizen.
  • Be permanently employed.
  • Provide 3 months bank statement.
  • Provide proof of residence.

Provide recent payslip

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