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SA Cash powers your pockets with cash loan at any time of the month. Are you having a hard time getting a loan, you can find easy loans waiting to aid you during a bad season.


SA Cash is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator. Are you having a financially bad month? Is your budget struck and the plans you had for the year affected? Do you need to find a loan to help you before the day ends? SA Cash operates to help you get back in line financially, so you don’t have to stress. It only takes just one crisis that cat eat away your hard earned salary. No need to despair, as long as you are working and can pay off the loan in time you can source a quick or personal loan.


SA Cash focuses on pay day loans and small personal loans. For pay day loans you are looking at a range from R400 up to R4 000. The loan is easy to obtain and it’s secured against your salary. When you get the pay day loan, you have up to 30 days to settle it or on the next salary date. The interest rate is linked with the National Credit Act recommendations. You won’t pay above the suggested amount. Personal Loan starting at R500 and up to R150 000 is another credit option you have with SA Cash. The repayments are flexible and for the large amounts it can reach 72 months installments. Interest rate with this loan is also competitively priced.


  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Hard working and professional staff that will give you advice on loans.
  • Interest rates well integrated into the loan repayment.
  • Same day loan application approval.


Loans are easy to get at SA Cash; offers are from small credit to big loans. You have a range of options for your credit requirement needs. Applications are done fast and online. You must be permanently working and your salary must be within range of loan amount repayments. The salary you earn must be from R1 500 and upwards, you must be a South African citizen. All loan applicants have to be 18 years and older. For verification you will need to produce documents that will help you obtain the loan and they are:

  • A South African Identity Document (ID book or card).
  • Produce a working cellphone number.
  • Provide a residential address, not older than 3 months.
  • Have banking statement where you get your salary transferred to.

Obtaining a loan is that simple. The money you request will be made available to you through a bank deposit when you qualify for the loan. It will be done the same day. You can use the loan for the purpose which you applied it for.


For more information you can visit SA Cash website. It’s easy to browse through and the online application form is plain and simple with no clutter. Should you need help you can send an email via the website.


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