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Trusty Loans has given a credit support to lots of people going through a bad month. You know it’s not easy to make ends meet when cash is absent.


Trusty Loans is a well ran site that offers you different type of credit lender on just one website. The idea of looking and searching for a good deal is something you have experienced. You know that is it time consuming and it can be exhausting. Almost all loans website have flashy and bright colors to arrest your mind. However you still feel the need to see if there are others offering a better deal when you look on the search page. Trusty Loans saves you time and money.


Trusty Loans is a registered credit provider. It works with other registered loans providers to bring you the best deal possible. Your application is put forward to credit providers and they will all offer you a deal. You will find the deal that fits your pocket. Services on offer are payday loans, quick loans and home loans. Payday loans are great for paying costs arising during the month when you are out of your salary. The payday loan starts at R500 to R4 000. You pay it back in 30 days or salary date. Quick loans aid you any cash constrains you have, starting at R500 to R4 000. Home loans are used to buy e property. Interest rates different per loan company, however they are competitive. The repayments period is flexible for loans. Another service is loans for blacklisted or if you have a negative credit score. Your application will not be rejected but processed and a group of credit lenders working with Trusty Loans will offer you their best deal. Blacklisted loans also cover payday, and quick loans also personal loans. The only criterion is that you have to be working and your salary must be enough to pay the loan in time.


  • Multiple credit lenders issue you deals.
  • Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Interest rates are priced at an affordable rate.
  • Loans are not difficult to pay back due to their size.
  • Flexible terms on time period installment for small loan.


All applicants must have a minimum salary of R2 000 per month. Applications are done online and the site is easy to fill in an online form. Being a South African citizen living in the county and not planning to migrate is a requirement. You will need to meet the following criteria to stand a chance for a successful application:

  • You must be 18 years and older
  • Produce a valid South African Identity Document (ID) card or book.
  • Have a working cellphone number
  • Provide pay slips not older than 3 months
  • Proof of residential address.

Checks and verification will be performed on your application. You can expect money the same day when you qualify for the loan.


For more information you can visit Trusty Loans website. The application form online is easy and you can apply for a loan. If you have more questions you can send through an email and you will get response as soon as possible.

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