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Sanlam Credit Solutions will assist you in gaining access to a personal loan with a fixed interest rate, which you can use whether you need money for unanticipated needs or to support a particular project. Fill out the following form to find out whether you are eligible.

You might qualify for a loan of up to R300,000 with an interest rate that is fixed.
Sanlam is able to tailor a personal loan with a fixed interest rate to your unique requirements and circumstances, so whether you need money for unanticipated costs, an unforeseen medical emergency, or to support a particular project, we can help. Because we are a responsible lender, we will never provide you a loan that is more than what you can reasonably afford to pay back.

Sanlam Loan requirements

Please submit the following papers using our user-friendly online application portal so that we may process your application more quickly:

  • A legible copy of your South African identification document
  • A current document proving your residential address
  • As evidence of income, you may provide up to three months’ worth of recent, genuine bank-generated PDF statements (which can be obtained by e-mail from your bank or via the banking app), or payslip.

Sanlam Repayment loan structure

When you make the decision to get a Sanlam Personal Loan*, the interest rate and the initiation fee that you will be required to pay will be established by our advisers based on the personal risk profile that you provide. The length of time you have to pay back your loan might vary anywhere from 24 months to 72 months, and the annual percentage rate of interest can be anywhere from 20.25 percent to 24.50 percent (compounded monthly).

Let’s take a look at the following loan as an example, which has an annual interest rate of 24.50 percent per annum: The total cost of the loan is R50 000, which includes an origination charge of R1 207.50 and an administrative fee of R69 per month spread out over a term of 72 months. Because of this, the total cost of the loan will amount to R102 085.93, which corresponds to an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of a maximum of 27.29 percent.

The Process Behind a Personal Loan from Sanlam.

You have the ability to apply for any amount, ranging from R5,000 all the way up to R300,000 in R1,000 increments.
You have the ability to adjust the length of your payback term to suit your finances (from 24 months to 6 years)

Because your monthly payments will remain the same throughout the life of the loan, you will have an easier time preparing a budget.

When deciding how much money to offer you, Sanlam will always take into account your present financial situation and will never give you more money than you can easily afford to return.

Sanlam contact details

Tel: 0860 726 526
+27 21 916-5000 (International)
Address: Sanlam
Building 2
11 Alice Lane
Sandton, South Africa

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