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So you started off the month great. Everything was going your way and your budget was simply spectacular; at this rate you could squeeze in a very fancy dinner for your family at one of those exclusive restaurants you’ve been dying to go to and then a phone call comes in informing you that your nephew needs to go on an educational excursion and you just can’t say no to that. Okay so maybe it won’t be a fancy dinner but dinner it’ll still be but wait someone wasn’t supposed to have peanuts at school and now your niece has been rushed to the hospital and of course you’ll take care of the medical bill and before you know it you don’t even have a budget anymore in in fact you need money to make it through the month. Does this sound familiar? It does to a lot of South African’s and that’s why they turn to Starbright Loans to see them through any financial difficulty.

About Starbright loans

Starbright Loans is a financial services provider that opened its doors in 1991 and since then they have been making their way into the hearts of South African’s by offering great service and being available in the client’s time of need. The company offers loans with vehicles as collateral. The company does not view the offer of loans as a business but rather as a means to assist you their client when you find yourself in a tight corner and in need of extra cash. The aim is for the client to approve your loan application as soon as possible without any hassles. The company pawns cars and want to give you the best offer that money can buy when it comes to trading in your vehicle for a corresponding loan amount until your loan is paid off which is when you can get your vehicle back.

Starbright loans services

  • Take your vehicle to the company.
  • Your vehicle must be paid in full and in your name.
  • Provide your Natis.
  • Provide your bank details.
  • Your vehicle’s value will be assessed.
  • Once you agree on the loan amount you will sign the documentation and the amount can be paid to you while you wait.
  • Your vehicle will be housed in the company’s secure facilities.
  • Once the loan has been settled then your vehicle will be handed back to you.


  • 100% approval rate.
  • Get your money in just 1 hour.
  • Zero credit checks done.
  • No need to provide proof of income.
  • Employment verification is not conducted.
  • People who are self-employed are welcome.
  • People who are blacklisted are welcome.
  • Easy and quick online application.
  • Get a loan from R3 000 up to R50 000.

Remember that you will need to provide the following documentation when applying for a loan:

  • South African ID
  • Proof of residence
  • Natis
  • Be 18 years of age or above
  • Be in the possession of a South African bank account
  • 3 months bank statement

If you need a loan you can turn to Starbright Loans because their services are available to almost anyone whether you are blacklisted or not. Call them today and get the financial assistance that you need right now!

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