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What we DO at Nedbank

In the prevailing unstable economic environment in South Africa, Nedbank is able to provide you our customer with financial stability and assurance.

We effectively solve our customers’ financial challenges by offering low-risk loan and debt repayment solutions.

We hire service experts to provide our customers with excellent service
We hire industry experts to serve our customers; our staff is fully dedicated to providing competent service and we pay meticulous attention to detail. Our products and services are tailor made to suit our customers’ individual needs. We aim to exceed your expectations through excellent service and product provision.

Our services include deposit taking and management, transaction management, personal finance, investment solutions and for more of our services we invite you to visit our website.

With our help you will achieve your financial goals.

Debt Assistance at Nedbank

At Nedbank, we will help you to get out of debt quickly and effectively.

It can be difficult to develop an effective debt consolidation plan if you are not an expert in finance.

Therefore gladly contact your nearest Nedbank branch and make use of our debt consolidation service. Professionals will give you advice on debt and debt consolidation. We will help you get out of debt and we are sure you will appreciate our professional service.

A financial planner will be assigned to help with your financial challenge. The duty of the financial planner will be to draft a financial plan that will complement your lifestyle and highlight areas where you can cut on your budget.

Our service range includes

  • Debt Clearance
  • Loans for Bad Credit
  • Debt Financing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Short-term Loans
  • Personal Finance

Nedbank Debt Consolidation

There are two reasons why one ends up deep in debt. Reason number one is borrowing and secondly it’s over spending – living beyond ones’ income bracket. To avoid drowning in serious debt you have to swiftly change your financial perspective. To get a fresh start read Nedbank online debt consolidation loans review; these credit products could help you transform your life financially.

We have a proven track record having been in the industry for a long time in South Africa. The customer can put their complete trust in us; we are a tried and tested service provider. The customer is our number one priority; we seek to offer our customers highly professional and perfectly transparent products and services.

How we help you out of get out of debt
We guarantee full assistance with all that the customer needs. Convenience is our middle man. In all we do we seek to provide convenience to our customers. Customers can easily and conveniently get in touch with us telephonically and online we are reachable.

Nedbank Online Debt Consolidation Loans There are two types of Nedbank online debt consolidation loans

Type 1 -this one helps in paying off small amounts of debt that do not exceed R50,000 -interest rate of 11,9% for 12months -5% to 8% lower than the typical credit card -considerably smaller monthly payments -helps save a lot of money

Type 2 -suitable for larger amounts of debt -gives more time to repay it while offering a low interest rate -0% interest rate for the first 55 days -13.6% interest rate for the next 36 days

Do I qualify for these credit cards?
You need to earn R3,000 and above to qualify for these credit cards.

Secured debt consolidation loan Under the secured debt consolidation loan your house is placed as collateral. Your loan will be combined with your current home loan. Whether you use an additional loan to repay in both cases you will pay a low interest rate depending on the time you will take to pay the loan. The longer you take to pay the more expensive the loan will be.

It is the finding of this review that the Nedbank online debt consolidation loans and credit cards rank amongst the best one can find in the financial services provision sector.

Universal Branch Code Nedbank’s universal branch code: 198765

Nedbank Contact Information

Phone numbers: 0860 115 060 / 0860 555 111 Email address : Physical address: 135 Rivonia Road, Sandown, Sandton, Gauteng, 2196, South Africa

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