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SupaSmart Loans is a trustworthy cash loans provider designed to give you financial solutions when money is all gone. Only a few people are rich in South Africa, most are working class and need cash for moving the life ahead.

About SupaSmart Loans

SupaSmart Loans gives you access to cash loan providers through a platform on the website. You will be connected with numerous providers that will give you best deal for any loan request. The idea of searching online can consume your time and leave you tired. The benefit of having the platform is to prevent you making a deal with a bad loan provider because you just tired from endless searches. SupaSmart Loans is a credit provider registered with the National Credit Regulator. Every loan has been done skillfully and is designed by a team of professionals to help you through a month where you experience financial subtraction. This cash minus does not have to last long. It can be incapacitating to move through the month with cash that is diminishing. Also it can compound on stress if you are in an emergency.

SupaSmart Loans Services

SupaSmart Loans works through a platform offers cash loans from R500 up to R200 000. Payday loans start from R500 to R5 000. The interest rate is competitive and repayments are in 30 days. Personal loans are from R1000 to R200 000. Payment of the loan is from 1 month to 60 months. Interest rates will differ per loan provider, however there are competitive. Each credit provider is registered with the National Credit Regulator. A debt consolidation loan is another service you can find. It is meant to pay off all your debts then you work to settle the consolidation loan. The loan can be paid off within 60 months.


  • All providers are Registered with the National Credit Regulator.
  • Loans are made available fast and within 24 hours.
  • Repayments on the loan are flexible.
  • Wide variety of loans available with just a click online.


Applications are done online. There are few basic conditions you have to meet for your loan to be considered. Working and earning a good salary is required. At least from R3 000 per month is what you ought to be getting. The age for loaning in South Africa starts at 18 to 65. Being a citizen of the country is necessary. The following documentation and information is needed:

  • Proof of residential address
  • You must provide a South African Identity Document (I.D) book or card.
  • Have an email address
  • Provide a working bank account
  • Have a cell phone number

You will have access to different loan providers and they will present to you loan offers. Its up to you to choose which is the best deal for you. Contracts will be between you and the loans provider.

Contact SupaSmart Loans

For more information you can contact SupaSmart Loans during office hours Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm and a friendly consultant will assist you. Another option is to visit the website.


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