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Abfin Finance – professional loan-finding services

Having access to a loan-finding service can provide convenient ways of getting the best loan solution for unique individual needs.

In the South African financial services sector there are numerous institutions, all offering a different number of financial services. This can very often be quite confusing for many ordinary individuals who may just be looking for a simple loan solution. Abfin Finance is a loan-finding service that specialises in loan-finding services.

This institution can be quite helpful for individuals who are struggling to find the right loan solution for their needs or those who simply don’t have the time to search.

Tell me about Abfin Finance?

Abfin Finance is an independent finance and product broker that specialises in the provision of professional loan-finding services.

What services are provided by Abfin Finance?

Bridging Loans- These loans are short term loans that are taken out by a borrower against their current property to finance the purchase of a new property. These loans are designed to bridge a gap between a debt coming due. They can also simply act as a short-term loan in pressing circumstances.

Bridging loans offer people short-term access to money at a high rate of interest.

Abfin Finance provides access to personal loan amounts of up to R250 000. A further benefit is that the loan is paid out within 72 hours.

Abfin makes the process simple by collecting the application forms as well as supporting documents and submits these to loan providers.

Consolidation Loans– Repaying multiple debts can be stressful and confusing to manage, resulting in the borrower defaulting on payments. Many people resort to debt consolidation when they can’t manage their debt.

Benefits offered by qualifying for consolidation loans:

  • You get access to enough money to pay off your debt.
  • You only have one monthly payment to make (potentially at a lower interest rate).
  • You can be financially stable faster
  • There aren’t negative consequences on your credit rating

First, second and third bonds– Choosing this option may be an ideal way to lower your payment. Many people choose this option as a way of lowering their payments.

Instead of getting a personal loan, you can opt for refinancing your home and gaining access to the equity instead. It can be quite risky, as you could lose your home if you don’t make repayments

You can refinance in order to get a fixed-rate loan. If your loan is available at a variable interest rate, by refinancing you could get a fixed-rate loan instead

Invoice discounting

Benefits of choosing Abfin Finance:

Blacklisted clients may be assisted- Getting a blacklisted loan can be ideal for when you are facing a financial challenge and you are in need of fast access to cash. Qualifying for this loan can give you the financial freedom to meet your most pressing financial needs.

Get access to bridging loans of up to R32 000 and these loans are paid out within 48 hours – You can apply for this type of finance if you have funds due to you but you need the cash now.

Quick, paperless application process- A paperless loan agreement is when a lender agrees to give a borrower a certain amount of money with an expectation of repayment with added interest- a transaction which is completed online or over the phone.

Lenders specialising in paperless loans won’t require written proof of employment or income, but will rather use online databases to obtain this information.

Get help with debt problems through the Debt Rescue Plan

Abfin Finance Contact details:

Email: info@abfinfinance.co.za
Tel: 079 391 7267
(Mon-Fri 9am- 5pm)

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