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Capitec is a South African bank that has grown from strength to strength since its beginnings. The bank has won prestigious awards for its capacity to open the banking space to the previously unbanked and its solid strategy on low bank deposit and withdrawal fees, in fact the bank can say with confidence that it has offered competitive pricing on its products than any other South African bank. For the past 20 years the banking industry has seen major transformations, amalgamations, listing of financial institutions on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and with all of this Capitec has not lost the core of its business which is its customer base. The bank Act (94 of 1990) and its issue on new banking license have solidified the banking institutions.

Capitec Bank is a retail bank and its purpose is to offer banking related services to individuals and businesses across South Africa. Since it opened its doors it has grown to over 500 retail branches across the nation and it has more than 3.7 million customers. As the bank continues to expand so do the needs of its customers and in the process the bank has acquired a detailed understanding of its customer base with innovative financial products and services on offer. Capitec Bank has come up with a product called Capitec Global One. Global One is a card that has diverse services like Transactions, Savings, and Credit, all in one.

About Capitec Global One Loan

  • Capitec Global One card allows you have transactions anywhere.
  • The Card comes with savings that can earn you 4.4% to 9% per year.
  • The card does not have monthly bank charges fee, or balance minimums. The deposit limit is set by you also time limit withdrawals.
  • Global One has free cover over retrenchment and death.
  • The card also has home loan products attach to it provided you have a healthy credit score. The home loan is up to R5 million and has a repayment time frame of 240 months.


  • Transnational, Savings, Credit allowance card
  • Credit allowance on card
  • Retrenchment and death cover part of the card
  • Home loan offering


  • No monthly admin fees
  • No minimum balance fees
  • Can be used anywhere and at anytime
  • Retrenchment and death cover within the card

Application information requirement:

  • 18 years and older
  • Must have a valid South African Identity Document (ID)
  • Must have a pay slip for the past 3 months
  • Proof of Employment (for loan and home loan applicants)
  • Proof of residency

Capitec has professional working for them, and they will process your document the same day and you will have the Global One card the same day. Just visit any of their many branches and sit with one of our consultants.

When you are looking for a card that can do many things at one go then you should definitely consider this card because it will bring convenience and peace of mind to your life. This is the card for the 21st century no nonsense type of person.

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