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Cash Crusaders is an established brand serving the interests of the public through reasonable pre-owned and new products. The company has a positive reputation and is one of the market leaders when it comes to sales of house hold pre-owned electronic products like iPads, Cellphones, DVD players, Tablets, kitchen appliances such as washing machines, Microwave ovens. Cash Crusaders also retails jewelry. The company buys quality products from the public and sells them at competitive prices and ensures that it secures a good deal for the buyer. Cash Crusaders does not only operate in products and appliances sales. Cash Crusaders has financial services called Cash Crusaders Instant Cash.

About – Cash Crusaders loans

Cash Crusaders has been in the industry for a long time and has experience in the market. The advantage of this is that over the years we have opened more than 170 branches across South Africa. This means availability to get and use the services of Cash Crusaders Instant cash can be easily accessed. People looking for the loan can just visit one of the more than 170 shops with their second hand goods and secure a loan. The loan has a 30 day repayment time period that is secured against the goods you will agree to put up as surety.  Once you have paid off the short term loan in full you will get back you goods. Alternatively you can sell any goods of value you don’t have any use for, like unwanted gifts, a second cellphone, etc. You will get your cash instantly.

Services – Cash Crusaders loans:

  • Goods sold and swapped for cash
  • Instant loans
  • Collateral Loans

Benefits – Cash Crusaders:

  • Easily accessible loans
  • More than 170 stores across the country
  • Goods are securely kept at the store

Cash Crusaders has an easy method to access instant cash services from them, these are the following you will need in hand when exchanging your goods for cash:

  • Loan Applicants must be 21 years and above
  • A valid South African Identity Document (ID) or Passport
  • Proof of your address not less than 3 months old
  • Goods you wish to put up as collateral or to goods you want to sell.

It is very important to present at Identity Document (ID), this is to make sure that the goods are not stolen, as Cash Crusaders does not buy stolen goods.

You will have an option to put up goods for collateral to access the loan and thus will mean you will have 30 days to settle the loan in full. Please note that the loan comes with interest and initiation fees. If the loan is not repaid in the stipulated time period Cash Crusaders will be entitled to sell your possessions to recoup the loan money they borrowed you.  Another method to get instant cash is to sell your goods and get cash instantly.

When you need cash don’t stress or go around borrowing money from unscrupulous people. Simply turn to Cash Crusaders and get money instantly to attend to your financial needs as and when you need to.

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