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About Capitec Loans

Capitec Bank is one of the major financial institutions in South Africa that is famed for providing loans whose interest rates are cheap and affordable. Are you considering applying for a loan? Capitec Bank should be on the top of your few options owing to the amazing benefits that one gets when their application is approved.

With many branches in all the South African provinces, it’s easier to visit a nearby Capitec Bank hall with no hassles. When applying for a Capitec Loan, approval does not take time if your credit pürofile is clean and your money can be deposited into your account. Applicants who decide tom pay back their loan between six and eight months benefit a free Credit Life Insurance.

Once your money is deposited into your account, you will benefit the low interest rates that are attached to Capitec Loans. The feasibility and truthful nature of Capitec Loans can be judged using the number of people who approach Capitec Banks for loans. That alone is a reflection of how resourceful and appropriate Capitec Loans are.

The Capitec Bank has made it easier by availing unsecured credit Capitec Loans to its clients. This is great advantage and an exciting development for individuals who don’t have surety to put against their loan. Most banks, Capitec included are aware that the general population does not have security hence the introduction of a customised financial options intended for such individuals. A good example of such a loan is the Multi Loan from Capitec where clients are allowed to borrow as much as R4 000 within a few minutes of applying but such loans are designed in such a way that they should be paid back within a month. Of paramount importance is that clients can transfer their Multi Loans cash straight into their savings account at any given time via sms.

Why choose Capitec Loans?

Below are some of the benefits that ordinary South Africans van get through Capitec Loans:

  • Capitec gives a maximum loan amount of up to R230 000.
  • Capitec is different from other banks in that it gives client the decision to pay back the money from two to 84 months unlike 12 to 60 months as with other banks.
  • You do not have to visit a Capitec branch to apply for a loan. All you have to do is apply online! If you deposit your salary directly in to your Capitec account you will be charged a lower interest rate on one of their loans.
  • If you choose to repay your loan within six to eight months you will qualify for free credit life insurance.

Capitec Loans Requirements

Inorder to qualify for Capitec Loans you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be above the age of 18 years and have a permanent job.
  • Must provide a current pay slip.
  • Must provide proof of residence.
  • Must provide 3 months bank statements.

Capitec Loans Contact Details

For more information regarding Capitec Loans simply visit your nearest Capitec Bank Branch and their friendly consultants will gladly assist you. Alternatively you can visit their website or call them on 0860 10 20 43 for more information.

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