Iemas Financial Services loans

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Iemas Financial Services loans

Unique financial solutions from Iemas Financial Services

Having financial security is important nowadays. The fast-paced world we live in is unpredictable, so having access to money when you need it most is important. It isn’t always possible to borrow money from family and friends, so being able to get access to funds through various lending institutions may be an ideal solution.

Iemas Financial Services strives to provide quality financial services by ensuring that loan services are transparent and by providing clients with some much-needed financial security.

For years, Iemas has been providing access to funds which may be useful for starting small businesses, paying for a new home or vehicle, paying for medical costs and other unexpected expenses.

With a history spanning more than 75 years, Iemas provides a comprehensive range of financial products such as vehicle finance, mini and maxi loans, personal and emergency loans.

Iemas is essentially a co-operative that offers a variety of affordable and competitive financial solutions. Iemas has a focus on offering a member-owned solution and is all about creating value for members.

Iemas has solid experience in the financial services sector.

What Iemas has to offer in terms of services:

Loans- You get to benefit from competitive interest rates. With Iemas Financial Services, you have up to 60 months to repay the loan.

Iemas Financial Services provides access to personal, educational, pension-backed and unsecured loans. An affordability assessment will be conducted if you choose the unsecured loan option.

Purchase Card- The Iemas Financial Services card helps you save while you shop. This facility offers interest-free credit of up to 55 days. A budget facility is also available.

Insurance- Iemas provides short term and life insurance products.

Vehicle Finance- Having a car is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to pay cash upfront when buying a car, so IEMAS has a number of solutions to solve such a dilemma.

Vehicle loans from Iemas are flexible solutions designed to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible. Iemas assists you throughout your transaction. Iemas will assist you throughout the transaction. Offered at competitive interest rates, vehicle finance from Iemas Financial Services is simple and convenient.

The institution offers clients options for financing without deposit, as well as finance for private transactions. Pre-owned vehicles up to 10 years old may be financed, while vehicle refinance is also available. A Pre-Approval option is available.

Iemas will provide clients with financial help whether they are buying through a dealer or whether they are buying directly from the owner.

What do you need to apply?

  • Valid South African ID
  • Provide your 3 latest payslips
  • Provide one months’ bank statement
  • Provide proof of residential address
  • Provide proof of surety

Benefits of choosing Iemas Financial Services

Members receive a benefit at the end of the financial year on the interest that they paid on their finance.

Every year, a portion of profits is allocated to members of the co-operative. Members also get to benefit from the receipt of an annual tax-free benefit allocation on interest that has been paid throughout the year.

Iemas Financial Services loans Contacts

Phone: 0861 043 627

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