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About Finance Wizard

The Finance Wizard is a South African financial services provider designed to denounce some of the financial challenges faced by most locals. Founded in 2004 by Daveer Ramlall Strive, the institution endeavours to provide its clients with novel services whose aim is to produce financial products that are intended to suit its clientele.

The presence of Finance Wizard in the financial industry is meant to censure some of the financial hiccups faced by rich and ordinary people who, through poor financial decisions and management, end up materialising poor credit profiles and finance needs. To curb this, Finance Wizard through its knowledgeable staff employed solutions and measures the specifically premeditated whose credit profiles find them in complicated scenarios where banks and other financial institutions are not welcoming them. Such solutions include pre-approved loans that which don’t take long to get approved. The time factor is an important that the institution considers to its clients whose financial worries need to be addressed in time and without delay. The institution offers help to clients with judgments and defaults.

With more than ten years in the financial industry, Finance Wizard strives to equip itself with state-of-the-art services so as to create a stress free environment for its clients through delivering feasible and reasonable products. By doing that, Finance Wizard qualifies itself as one of the top institutions that offer the best financial services in South Africa. To apply for a loan at Finance Wizard, one has to be aged from 18 and 65 years old and those that bank with NedBank, Standard Bank, First National Bank, Absa Bank, First National Bank, Capitec Bank and SA Bank of Athens. Clients who bank with anything apart from these banks will not benefit from services offered at Finance Wizard.

The company offer loans to the following people:

  • Self-employed people
  • Pensioners
  • Clients under debt review, Administration order , sequestration or declared insolvent
  • Temporary workers
  • Sub-contractors
  • Commission only earners
  • Salary paid in Cash
  • You need to be permanently employed for a minimum of 3 months and over
  • If you are on a contract it must have a start and end date.

Finance Wizard Services

  • The company provides loan application procedures
  • Offers loans to people with poor credit profiles
  • The company helps you facilitate the application process from start to end
  • Loans for blacklisted people
  • Provides loans for people with bad credit
  • The institute provides debt consolidation

Benefits of Finance Wizard

  • The company directly deals with various private credit providers
  • The company helps you facilitate the application process from start to end.
  • Clients do not need to stand in a que, the loan application is done online in the comfort of your home
  • Others than banks and other financial institutions, loan approval is fast
  • Your information is not passed to the next person

Finance Wizard Contact details

You need to speak to any of our special consultancies call 087 808 6312

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