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edgars financial services

Edgars financial services provides a wide spectrum of services and financial products that are not just limited to buying clothing and the latest fashion brands on credit in their shops. Edgars financial products are well structured and offer value for their customers. Their following are the financial services on offer by Egdars.

Edgars Financial Services Motor and household insurance

Edgars provides financial facilities for consumers to have an opportunity to protect their Motor and households good. Hollard Insurance is the underwriter of the policy. Hollard is a well-known South African Insurance brand. The policy is made in a way that the customer can have options to choose what type of cover they prefer.

Cellular phone insurance – Edgars Financial Services

Smart Phones break easily. The screen can shatter making the cellphone useless. The expensive smart phone can be stolen. Edgars Cellular phone insurance covers you from theft or damage. The cover will replace the phone with the same model or a phone that has similar value. The phone insurance cost R36 per month. The costs increase based on the value of your phone. The cellular insurance cost is capped at R75 for most high end phones.

Family Provider plan – Edgars Financial Services

The policy will pay your family with sums of money when you pass away. Your family will be entitled to monthly amounts of money so that your family can maintain their lifestyle. The policy has three options you can choose. The basic being R500 and R1500 per month with a premium from R16.50 to R31.00

Personal accident plan
The plan is meant to cover any individual in your family in case of a disability that may happen because of an accident. The plan functions to maintain the family when disability happens in the family. R22.00 per month will cover you in the case of an accident or death. Edgards will pay out a sum up to R150,000.00. The policy has another option on the plan. It is designed to cover your spouse and provide cover up to five children under 21. The cover also extends to children aged 25 that are unmarried are full time students.

Edgars Financial Services – Life cover

This policy is centered on affordability. The cover reaches up to R2 million pay outs when there is death of the policy holder. The cover also includes the following:

  • Serious or deadly illness
  • Functional disability
  • Occupational disability

Edgars Financial Services – Smart insurance

Smart Insurance offers cover to car related damages. At R39.00 per month the cover promises to pay up to R2000.00 for any incident. The cover works in relation when you have a vehicle cover. This will reduce the costs if you choose to have another financial service protection plan.

Commuter insurance
Public transportation is part of the public life in this country. Taxis and buses are least safe modes of transportation. The policy will cover you when you are in a public transport accident and you are injured or get disabled or even die. The payout will be R30000.00

Along with the above, Edgars financial services additionally offer the following plans/cover:

  • Appliance maintenance plan
  • Motor Xtender plan
  • Legal plan
  • Dental accident insurance plan
  • Home Fix
  • Funeral plans such as Family funeral plans, personal funeral plans, and a parent funeral plan
  • Account protection plan
  • And many more

Website: www.edgars.co.za

For more information and in depth details on Edgars Financial services you can visit the website. The site offers an online application. You can fill in an online form and our consultants will contact you.

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