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Capfin Loans was registered in 2010 and it fully complies with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Strive to satisfy the customer; is the motto of the team at Capfin. The credit provider is well known and it’s growing. Thanks to the South African public that has put their trust in the brand to deliver. The brand is built around helping people.

The products on offer come in handy when you need a quick loan, even a personal loan up to R50 000. Capfin has you covered and you can expect to be treated with esteem.

In this page you will see the types of loans offered by Capfin. Also how you can best choose the one that suits your budget.  You can use the  loan calculator which will help you see the loan repayments and interest rate on each loan.

About Capfin loans

Capfin is financial services provider. It facilities the procurement of loans and offers its customers affordability on their loan. You can to get loans as much as R50 000. These are the 3 places where you source your loan.

  1. Online
  2. At Pep
  3. At Ackermans

Capfin has developed this system of loan sourcing. Times are moving forward and so should companies and technology. With this method you don’t have to stand in line in a bank and wait for a bank teller to help you. The system is easy and convenient as you can go online or visit any Pep stores or Ackermans.
capfin loans online
Capfin is fast and your cash loan is processed n just a few minutes.

Services – Capfin loans

Loans on offer are in different monetary value and categories. If you can afford you can go for the top of the range R50 000. Every loan has a repayment expiry date. The following tables the amount of loans available and the time period to pay them back.

For example:
R1 000 to R8 000 loan: Over 6 months
R8 000 to R50 000 loan: Over 12 months
R8 000 to R50 000 loan: Over 24 months

As you can see the R50 000 loan repayments are flexible, so you as the customer you will choose which one best suits your affordability. Capfin understands that not everyone is in the same financial bracket, hence affordable loans are on offer that start at R1 000. The interest rate is very competitive. However this is credit profile based.

Check your profile for free with ClearScore. The website has lots of good information on improving your credit score. Additional information on the site is for sale, you can purchase it to get more out of your finances.

Capfin loans Benefits

  • Affordability
  • Flexible repayments

Application for Capfin loan

You will need the following for a successful application:

  • ID book and latest
  • pay slips
  • banking statement
  • Proof of residency

capfin loans
With all the documentation you can go to PEP or Ackermans. The cashiers will help you fill in your details for loan application. You will get an SMS in minutes stating the position of your application.

Checkout this “How to apply” video:

Caption: Capfin Video taken from their website (

You can also apply online. Go to Capfin website and register an account there.

The site has a loan calculator on the home page. This will help you know the amounts you can afford and terms of the loan you wish to get. Your monthly installment is measured by this online calculator

Website :

Contacts : 087 354 0000
For more information you can call and speak to a consultant or visit the website to read more information.

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