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When you apply for a Phynance loan for the first time, you may request any amount between R500 and R3000; just use the slider on the main page to make your selection. In addition, it is dependant upon your credit history and a review of your current financial status. Your trust rating will increase upon completion of the repayment, allowing you to borrow amounts more than R3,000. The amount you are permitted to borrow also depends on your credibility.

Additional Information About Phynance Loans:

Phynance is distinguished by a concentration on low-cost goods and services for their customer base, with the goal of catering to fundamental requirements, personal crises, or even the growth of a small company.

Phynance is a forward-thinking organization that analyzes the present and the future operating environment, and it contributes to the success of businesses by focusing on their employees. They now have eight locations under their group structure, three of which are in the central business district of Bloemfontein, and five of which are in the central business district of Botshabelo.

They have two missions that they work hard to achieve simultaneously: one is to make inexpensive financing available to those who are considered “unbankable,” and the other is to run an effective and successful company. During the course of their careers, the members of Phynance’s executive team have accumulated a combined total of more than 25 years of experience working in the microfinance business.

They have been in business together for the last seven years, and their track record demonstrates that they possess the required abilities to steer the firm as it develops across South Africa and beyond.

Phynance Loans application prerequisites

  1. the first step is to fill out the application form.
  2. second step requires the uploading of a proof of id or a passport, a payslip, and three months’ worth of bank statements.
  3. if the loan is accepted, the money will be sent to you immediately.

Phynance contact details

Address: Suite 250, Private Bag X01, Brandhof, 9324
Telephone: 051 436 0454