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Tadi: The Staff Loan service is something that might be useful in the environment that you work in. With the help of this product, employees will have access to financing that is both more affordable and responsible, and they will also receive guidance on how to make use of loan products. This will allow for the reduction of excessive employee debt.

Because the payments will be deducted from your salary, the risk is decreased, and as a result, we are able to provide your employees with a loan product that has lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

The acquisition of distressed consumer debt portfolios that have been defaulted on is the company’s area of expertise, and they operate under the name Triple Advanced Investments 51 (Pty) Ltd. Because of this, potential sellers have the opportunity to enjoy all of the following benefits:

Provide an additional option for the seller to manage their portfolio of delinquent accounts.
Enhanced financial equity as a direct outcome of the expeditious collection of delinquent debts
An immediate infusion of capital through the sale of written portfolios rather than a drawn-out endeavor to collect debt that has been written off.
Reduced expenses associated with collecting

It enables the seller to concentrate on its primary business goals while at the same time continuing to collect money from the debt that was written off.
Provides organizations with comprehensive, risk-free employee loan solutions from beginning to end.

The National Loan Regulator has recognized Triple Advanced Investments 51 (Pty) LTD as a legitimate business operating in the credit provision industry (NCRCP5819)

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