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African Advantage has unique methods for pay day loans and you can access funds in minutes. The month does not have to strain you due to lack of funds.

About African Advantage

African Advantage is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator. Having money till the 30th day is something that can be challenging when you have a crisis. African Advantage works to bring you the best credit solutions and provide you with cash as soon as possible.

African Advantage Services

African Advantage is different to other credit lenders. It offers you a money card for pay day loans. When you request a loan at African Advantage you will be given a card, in partnership with MasterCard. The card is a convenient method when it comes to reapplying for credit. Pay day loans are designed to bring ease to days that are financially demanding.. The loan amount will be loaded into the card and you can use it as needs command. Pay day loans last for 31 days and have to be settled on when your salary comes into your bank. The credit for pay day starts at R500 to R2500. Interest rates are competitive. Another option and service offered by African Advantage through the card is that you can deposit up to R25 000.00 in this card. Deposits have zero fees. You can use the card for cash withdrawals, even at ATM’s and retail shops.


  • Interest Rates are competitive.
  • Loans are small enough to be paid off in time.
  • Card issued when approved for credit.
  • African Advantage is a Registered credit provider with the NCR.


African Advantage needs you to have proper documentation for assessment. Also there is a criteria all loan applicants have to meet. You must be 18 years and older. The salary you make every month must be within the bracket of affordability for loan repayment. You must be a South African citizen. The documents you will need are the following:

  • Produce 3 months’ pay slips.
  • A South African ID book or card.
  • Proof of residence (utility bill) 3 months old or less.
  • Produce an active bank account statement not older than 3 months.
  • A working cellphone number.

Your application will be vetted to see how much you qualify for. Successful application will mean cash put in your card. You will be sent an African Advantage card with PIN number through a courier. The delivery is free of charge and it’s done within a week. As mentioned, the card can be used at ATM and the fees are competitive. It’s free when you swipe at retail stores. There are no annual card or initiation fees. Credit Facilities are less than 2% every month. Service fees are R60.00 per month. You can deposit up to R25 000.00 into the card at no chargeable fee.

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