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Blucredit loans

With Blucredit, you may begin receiving offers for loans and other financial solutions immediately. Pre-approval will have no impact on your credit score.

Processes and how to get a loan with Bluecredit:

  • Sign Up – Register at, submit your contact information, and give them your permission to send you offers. Then, complete the pre-approval procedure, which will not effect your credit score and will enable them to send you relevant and money-saving customised offers.
  • You will be sent offers: They will utilize the information you supply and your permission to monitor your credit profile. If they have this information, they may give you targeted product offers that might save you money, and credit providers will reject fewer applicants.
  • The Creditor pays them: If you make a purchase via one of the offers they send you, the credit provider or service provider will pay them, allowing them to provide their clients with free services.

Bluecredit financing options

  • Personal Loans: Borrow between R2,000 and R200,000. Once you are pre-approved, the credit provider will provide you offers.
  • Credit Cards: Get a credit card or purpose-based financing with flexible payback periods for purchasing what you need.
  • Cellphone Contracts: Get pre-approved for laptop & data deals or smartphone, airtime & data from our partners, which provide access to all major networks.

Blucredit loans application prerequisites

For credit approval, they need your South African identification number. This information is securely saved and is only shared to determine your creditworthiness (This will not affect your credit record).
Blue Label Data Solutions does not provide credit, but it does provide customers with a service to get appropriate and non-intrusive offers.

They will utilize your provided information to pre-approve you for credit offers (this does not affect your credit score). They will contact you by Telephone Calls, SMS, and Email to provide you relevant marketing materials. You will have the option to opt out of any future communications. They do not disclose your personal information for the marketing purposes of unaffiliated third parties.

Contact details

The address of Blue Label Data Solutions is 75 Graystom Drive, Santon, Gauteng, SOUTH AFRICA. For business inquiries, please phone (011) 523-3334; for product and service inquiries, please call 087 330 2598.
Web portal: and their website is a Blue Label Data Solutions direct marketing effort.


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