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If you are working in an established sme and need short term finance sooner than your bottom line can say “i won’t be working on a loss this month!” Then you are well aware of the pressure that comes on when you need to meet all those targets. Where to start? What to incorporate? What to leave out? All of these decisions need to be made with the intention of making sure that the current month and all the months going forward are propelled by gain after gain. More likely than not you may need a financial boost to see you through the month and ensure that all that needs to be implemented is implemented. This is where capx finance comes in.

About Capx finance

Capx finance is a financial services provider that was born in 1999. The company’s main aim is to provide short term finance solutions to sme’s and owners of property through various financial products. The company believes that time is money and the fast paced 21st century that we all live in it only makes sense that they have positioned themselves as a company that offers speed, simplicity and world class client service. These factors have certainly made the company standout as many of the traditional financial providers do not offer these core pillars.

The typical client that the company deals with on a day to day basis is not large enough to get undivided attention from the banks. This is an alternative form of finance that has distinguished itself by having a passion for business, people and accessible finance. The company uses state of the art technology to deliver only the best for their clients. The company has franchises and agents throughout south africa and namibia. They are available to bring fast financial solutions to you their valued client.

Capx finance products and services:

  • Invoice discounting: this is done to save your business by removing the cash flow pressure in order to give you room to breathe.
  • Invoice factoring: very similar to invoice discounting but suited for a much stronger business with a large amount of debtors.
  • Supply chain finance: pay your invoices later all the while keeping your suppliers happy.
  • Property finance: this is a secured loan where you are funded against the security of an unbounded fixed property.
  • Business finance: get fast credit decisions when you need to make a huge business decision.

The company has a number of credible associates that work as a network in their daily operations and they are as follows:

  • Credit guarantee
  • National small business chamber
  • Small enterprise financial agency
  • Bfasa
  • Shanduka black pages

Capx finance wants you to have the peace of mind that you need in order to grow your empire and as such the company understands that cash flow can be a huge stumbling block. The company is here to make sure that they offer you the best solution based on your individual needs for your business in order to free up the cash flow and make sure that you are running at optimal levels in all areas of your business. If you are experiencing difficulty with cash flow you can call them today for assistance and they will be more than happy to assist you.

CapeX Contact details

Tel: 0861 900 301
Fax: 021 979 1996

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