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Cashflow Connection recognizes that lack of cash can feel like drinking bitter medicine. The truth of is that most people will not be in rolling with cash always.

About Cashflow Connection

Cashflow Connection is a credit provider registered with the National Credit Regulator. Not every loan and credit provider online is reputable. High fees and interest can cripple your capacity to settle the loan in time. However with Cashflow Connection you will find professional and progressive services that will greatly benefit you. When you are going through a crisis you need a peace of mind and the loan should not add to the problems but free your mind space.

Cashflow Connection Services

Cashflow Connection offers short term loans from R500 to R3 000. The banking system can be very tough and getting a loan can be really difficult. However at Cashflow Connection your application will be looked at. The main ingredient is that you have to be working and can afford the loan. Short term loan comes with competitive interest rates. Being registered with the NCR means that you will be charged industry standard rates. Since the loan is small it’s easy to pay it back. R3000 has a 30 day payback period. Living in the city can be costly. From patrol to air time. So when you have no cash for transportation it can cost you the job. Another use for the short term loan can be for accommodation, paying rent deposit to secure an apartment.


  • Small loans that are paid in less than a month, no debt traps.
  • Transparent services with no hidden fees and interest rates.
  • Have cash in your bank account in about 24 hours.
  • Professional advice and guidance on the amount of loan.


Applications are processed and made online. To qualify and receive a loan with Cashflow Connection its vital that you are working full time and living in South Africa. Another important thing is your age, you must be 18 years or older to be successful. The information you give will be checked and go through a verification process. You will need the following documents upon application.

  • A legit working cell phone number.
  • South African Identity Document (ID book or Card).
  • Banking details, Account where your salary is deposited into.
  • Last three months bank statements.
  • Provide the Latest pay slips.
  • Produce a proof of residential address.

All applications are done quickly, when you need a loan you don’t have time to wait all day. The approval will mean that your cash will be in your hands the same day. You can use the loan for the reasons you applied it for. Cashflow Connection promotes and supports responsible lending.

Contact Cashflow Connection

For more information on how to apply for a loan and details on how much the interest rate you will be paying you can visit Cashflow Connection. Alternatively you can call during office hours from 9am to 5pm; a friendly consultant will attend to your questions.

Phone Number 021 371 0661

(072) 137 4907

(072) 137 4907



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