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Challenor Finance

Challenor Finance provides loans from R2,000 to R80,000 with periods ranging from 3 to 24 months in length to suit the varying financial situations of its clients.

A trusted financial partner since 1991, Challenor Finance is known for its reasonable rates and reliable assistance. The consistent volume of our business is evidence that they have succeeded in their aim to give top-notch service to their clients. They help people improve their living situations and reach for their aspirations in a responsible manner by providing both long- and short-term loans, aiding in the incremental housing financing environment, and making other changes to people’s quality of life.

Challenor Finance has, in the past, cooperated with several different furniture and hardware businesses in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area. Recently, the business has extended nationally to the states of Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, the Northern Cape, the Western Cape, and the Eastern Cape.

They are dedicated to providing each client with an individualized financial plan that meets their specific requirements. Challenor Finance has made it clear that caring for their customers comes first.

More about Challenor Finance loans

Challenor Finance may be seen as having its origins in a socially responsible purpose due to the fact that it is a responsible Credit Provider that focuses on serving the previously disadvantaged segment of South Africa.

Having easy access to finance may greatly enhance personal and societal prosperity.

Challenor Finance’s future is intrinsically linked to the continued growth of these communities and to the success of South Africa, which is predicated on the presence of a favorable social and economic environment.

Challenor Finance loan application process:

  1. Apply: You may contact them by submitting the form on their website or by calling the number 031 303 2647.
  2. Approval process: You will get a result within twenty-four hours, providing that all of the information is submitted on time.
  3. Payment: Your loan will be transferred into your bank account within twenty-four hours!

Benefits of Challenor Finance:

  • Competitive rates: The better your profile, the cheaper your rate will be. We provide individualized interest rates.
  • Rapid payment: We pay our selected candidates within 24 hours, straight into their bank account.
  • Manageable repayments: Your interest rate and your monthly payments are both set, making it simple to create a budget.
  • Service excellence: Since our clients have placed their trust in us for over 25 years, you can be confident that you will get exceptional service and a reasonable price.

Challenor Finance loans contact details

Physical address:
45 McKenzie Road
Telephone: 031 303 2647