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With a simple and reasonable short-term loan, Flow Finance loans can help get things back on track.

Who is Flow Finance

Over the course of more than two decades, the group of financial experts that would go on to form Flow Finance has maintained a reputation for lending in a moral and responsible manner. Our staff is aware that debt is sometimes inevitable. Occasionally, you require additional funds to get through a difficult situation or to seize an irresistible opportunity. Flow Finance is here to assist smooth your path, ease your weight, and return you to the natural flow of life.

Responsible Lending with Flow Finance

Flow Finance is a licensed loan provider governed by Section 34 of the National Credit Act of 2005. We are committed to make your borrowing experience as stress-free as possible, taking our responsibility as fair, honest, and transparent credit providers very seriously. At Flow Finance, we believe in openness, open communication, and collaboration to responsibly lend you money. There are no hidden costs, and you may pick the precise amount and duration of your loan. However, we want you to be able to make sound financial decisions, so we will only lend you money that we believe you can afford to repay.

Flow Finance loan application process – and how it operates:

Calculate – Use the top slider to select the desired amount. Utilize the bottom slider to choose the duration. Instantaneously, the reimbursement amount is determined.
Apply – Complete the straightforward application form.
Submit Documents essential documents:

  • SA ID Document.
  • Three-month bank statement.
  • Your most recent payslip.

Loan Authorized – If you are approved, we will email you the loan agreement to sign after verifying your documentation and credit history.

Flow Finance benefits and features

  • Borrow up to R2000.00 with a 45-day maximum payback term.
  • Interest rates between 36% and 60% APR
  • Customer protection insurance provides tranquility.
  • On application, the online loan and all fees, costs, and charges are reflected. What one sees is what one receives. No hidden expenses.
  • Summary of Fee and Interest Breakdown
  • Monthly service charge R60.00 plus 15% VAT
  • 15% on the first R1000.00, 10% on each amount beyond R1000.00, plus 15% VAT.
  • Daily interest rate of 0.17% with a maximum monthly rate of 5%
  • APR varies between 36% APR and 60% APR

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