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Loan Hut is no paperwork, no hustle cash loans provider. There are no guarantees that friends will be there when you face cash difficulties.

About Loan Hut

Loan Hut is a credit loans broker. It provides you with lenders that have been in the industry for a long time. Loan application is linked with these loan providers. You will have multiple options to choose the deal you feel and think best suits you. This service has an advantage of having time savings on your hand. You won’t be hoping from one loan provider to another.

Loan Hut Services

Loan Hut is a registered loans provider with a platform whereby you choose the loan through comparison. Credit ranges from R1 000 to R200 000. Quick loans begin at R500 and reach R5 000, the loan can transform a bad month into a bearable one. Interest rates vary but are competitive. Payment is from 1 to 6 months. Short term loans is another service on offer. R500 to R10 000 is the amount you can request. The installment will range from 1 month to 12 months. If you want a big loan, you have that option and you can get up to R200 000. The installment term is flexible and you will have 54 months to pay off the loan. You can request a credit report at no cost at Loan Hut.


  • Time is not wasted on different websites.
  • You have the option to see the best deals for you.
  • All credit providers are registered with NCR and follows NCA standards.
  • Services are 100% free, with no hidden costs.
  • Multiple loan providers and comparison.


It takes only two minutes to complete the online form. All applications are done on the website of Loan Hut. The first and important thing is that you have to be 18 years and older to stand a chance of obtaining a loan. Your employment status is vital when asking for a loan. Working full time and having a salary to pay off the credit in time will be checked. You will need to have the following information and documentation:

  • A South African Identity Document book or card
  • Provide up to date pay slips
  • A working cellphone number
  • Produce bank statements where your salary is deposited into – at least 3 month
  • A proof of residential address not older than 3 months

Your loan application will be linked with credit providers that work with Loan Hut. The options will then be presented to you. The choice is yours as to which loan provider best suits you. Every loan provider will have different interest rates and repayments. Initiation fees and structures that are not determined by Loan Hut. The contract you agree to will exempt Loan Hut. When you accept the terms and conditions the money will be transferred to you immediately. Loan repayments are done through a debit order monthly.

Contacts Loan Hut

For more information on how to obtain credit through the platform of Loan Hut you can visit the website. If you have questions you can send an email. You can expect a reply during working hours.

email: Mon – Fri 8am to 5pm

Postal Address:

Roeland Square
Cape Town, South Africa

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